Soogalu has partnered with GoodFit, offering the company’s line of clear aligner and retainer material products.

Soogalu, an orthodontic laboratory supply company, has announced its partnership with GoodFit Technologies to provide customers with innovative orthodontic solutions.

The collaboration aims to offer a modern ordering experience combined with the GoodFit line of products.

GoodFit Technologies is known for its clear aligner and retainer material products. The GT Flex product line provides a unique balance of flexibility, strength, and clarity. Furthermore, the company’s upcoming GT Flex Green solution is set to be the world’s first 100% compostable material for clear aligners.

The partnership between Soogalu and GoodFit will focus on providing customers with access to the GT Flex product line as well as the GT FLEX Green solution. Additionally, they plan to introduce the upcoming GT Tough solutions for custom mouthguards, which is designed for strength and thinness.

Soogalu’s team comprises industry veterans who understand the critical need for excellent customer service and modern ordering experiences. The collaboration is expected to offer significant opportunities for growth within the orthodontics community while also providing labs and practices with easy access to high-quality materials.

Image courtesy of Soogalu