The 3D metal appliances being offered include lingual arches, Nance buttons, trans palatal arches, Haas, Hawley, rapid palatal expanders, and band and loop appliances. 

AOA announced that it has introduced 3D metal printed appliances to its product offerings. 3D metal orthodontic appliances now being offered are: lingual arch, Nance button, trans palatal arch, Haas expander, Hawley retainer, rapid palatal expander, and band and loop appliances. 

According to the company, the ability to print 3D metal appliances will eliminate some to he company’s technical hand bent processes for a one-piece design on its bands and loops, lingual arches, trans palatal arches, and Nance buttons. The company expects the 3D printed metal process to aid in the fit and efficiency in delivering appliances to orthodontists and their patients.