KOMET USA introduces a new line of Operative Carbide Burs, the RevolutionTM Carbide, developed using advanced new bur technology from KOMET. According to the company, KOMET now offers one of the most technologically advanced operative carbide burs in the industry at a competitive price. 

The new, patent-pending Revolution Carbide bur offers practitioners a new bur design. Specifically, the rake angles on the burs have been exaggerated and have been combined with a staggered toothing, resulting in a sharper bur and what the company calls a more aggressive performance in the hands of the practitioner. This allows for fast cutting and minimal vibration; superior performance and efficiency for everyday preparations; and a durable, long-lasting bur, resulting in the best value and return on investment. Moreover, the special design of the working part, with no staggered toothing at the top and bottom, allows for clean margins.

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