DENTSPLY International Inc, York, Pa, has entered a strategic partnership with DIO Corp, Busan, South Korea.

DIO operations include a manufacturing facility in Busan, producing dental implant devices such as the STEADY, BioTite-H, SM implant, and ProTem implant systems.

DENTSPLY designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a range of dental products including dental implants, endodontic instruments and materials, orthodontic appliances, restorative materials, preventive materials and devices, and prosthetic materials and devices.

DENTSPLY’s investment includes an initial ownership of less than 20% of the outstanding shares of DIO, with an additional investment in debentures, which may be converted into common shares after a 1-year period. According to DENTSPLY, the partnership will allow the company to expand its sales into emerging markets.

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