DBOrthodontics_Opro-MouthguardDB Orthodontics, Silsden, United Kingdom, and San Diego, offers the OPRO Snap-Fit mouthguard. OPRO’s range of products include the Gold Range Self-Fit and Snap-Fit mouthguards.

The OPRO Snap-Fit mouthguard features the Snap-Fit gum shield. The self-fitting mouthguard is designed to offer an instant fit with superior retention, without the need to boil and mould the mouthguard before use. According to DB Orthodontics, the mouthguard is ideal for those who have lost or forgotten their mouthguard.

The Gold Range is a competition level range of mouthguards featuring OPRO’s unique model design developed from 15 oral contact points. This reportedly enhances comfort in the mouth by distributing any physical impact from the anterior zone through to the posterior zone. Gold Braces mouthguards surround the orthodontic brackets without getting stuck in the undercuts or debonding.

OPRO recently was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation from the UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. According to a press release from DB Orthodontics, the award is the UK’s most prestigious business award and this marks the second time OPRO has received it.

DB Orthodontics received the Queen’s award for international trade in 2013.