In order to increase brand awareness and maintain customer loyalty, businesses and manufacturers often develop rewards programs that offer discounts, vouchers, or points to be applied toward products and services. One such company is Ormco Corp, which has created a successful and unique loyalty rewards program with the Ormco Lifetime Rewards program. To learn more about rewards programs and how participating in such “clubs” can positively impact your practice’s bottom line, Orthodontic Products talked to Adam Lee, DDS, MS, of Red Rock Orthodontics, which has locations in Spanish Fork and Payson, Utah.

Orthodontic Products: As a practicing orthodontist and business owner, what are some key features that you look for in a rewards program?

Adam Lee, DDS, MS: I always look for something that is simple, easy to use, and accessible online. Loyalty programs can be confusing and often require more time and effort than the rewards are worth. As such, ease of use is a top priority.

Additionally, I recommend programs that offer lifetime points that never expire and rewards that accumulate quickly—saving you money in the end. The Ormco Lifetime Rewards program is beneficial in those ways. Plus, they’ve partnered with companies like Allesee Orthodontic Appliances (AOA), which allows us to use credits toward purchasing both Ormco and non-Ormco products and services. This has significantly helped simplify inventory-management processes for my staff.

OrmcoLifetimeRewardsOP: How have rewards programs ?bettered your practice?

Lee: As most orthodontic practices know, it can be time-consuming to be in constant search of the best prices and managing inventory, especially considering the amount of auxiliary products we work with on a daily basis. The Ormco Lifetime Rewards online dashboard helps us easily track points earned and spent, as well as assess how rewards directly impact practice savings. This helps limit the amount of time spent on inventory logistics and allows us to focus more on accommodating the needs of patients.

OP: What are the advantages of having points that never expire?

Lee: Having been involved with other rewards programs in the past that had limited-lifetime points, it’s refreshing to have a system in which they stay good forever. The points can be used at our leisure—without worrying about validity. With points, I’m able to obtain products at a discount when I see fit for my practice, not when the manufacturer tells me to.

OP: What sort of impact do rewards memberships have on your relationship with the manufacturer?

Lee: It’s no secret that high-quality products can be a significant expense of a busy orthodontic practice. Rewards programs make our small business feel as though the manufacturer is committed to finding ways to help save us money and improve our everyday workflow. OP