AOA added a .040 material option for its Prezurv line of retainers, designed to prevent relapse and tooth movement.

AOA has expanded its Prezurv product line of disposable retainers, adding a .040 material option for Prezurv Retention.

Spark Aligner technology has been using the TruGEN XR material which is more rigid, thicker, and sustains retention. AOA wanted to complement the TruGEN XR aligner technology by creating a similar retention solution.

The Prezurv disposable retainers are designed to prevent relapse and undesirable tooth movement.

The system offers four sets of retainers, giving patients a new, clean retainer to wear every 3 months.

AOA offers scalloped or straight trim options, which are available in single or dual sets. Prezurv retainer options can be fabricated from either traditional impressions or scans.

Prezurv is made from clear, durable material and is available in 1-, 2-, and 3-year supplies for use during the retention phase of a patient’s treatment.

Photo via AOA