Align Technology Inc introduces Vivera retainers, part of a new subscription-based program that delivers clear, fresh retainers to orthodontic patients every 3 months for a year. Unlike other traditional clear retainers, Vivera retainers are made with the same state-of-the-art technology as Invisalign aligners, which employ 3D digital imaging, proprietary clear thermoplastic material, and advanced fabrication technology.

Align’s lab tests show that Vivera’s proprietary thermoplastic material is more than 30% stronger than other leading clear retainer materials. That strength is a key quality for retaining teeth in their final position. Align’s research also demonstrates that many clear thermoplastic retainers begin to deform after as little as 2 months of simulated daytime wear, impacting their ability to maintain teeth in their final retained position.

"Vivera retainers were created to fit the needs of patients’ busy lifestyles," said Rick Matty , general manager of new products at Align. "Not only do patients get the convenience of fresh retainers delivered to their door throughout the year, they get a retainer that works."

"Vivera retainers are going to help me keep my patients in working retention," said Kenneth Carver , DDS, a private practitioner in Kingsport, Tenn, and CEO of US Dental Institute, an organization that has provided continuing education courses to dental professionals for more than 30 years. "Vivera is a complete program that overcomes the typical barriers to good retention by delivering fresh, aesthetic retainers on a set schedule and by providing an easy process for replacing lost or damaged retainers."

Vivera retainers are suitable for Invisalign and non-Invisalign patients, and can be made directly from a final Invisalign treatment stage or from a dental impression (for non-Invisalign patients). The lab fee for a 1-year, dual-arch subscription (totaling four sets of retainers) is $275. Orthodontists use a Web site to enroll patients and manage subscriptions.

Vivera retainers have been launched in select markets, with general availability planned for late November. Initially, Vivera retainers will be available only through Invisalign-certified doctors in North America.

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