Orthodontic Products – October 2009
Focus on Products for Patients

Ortho Technology

Ortho Technology, Tampa, Fla, offers a complete line of patient accessories and products. The All-Sport Ultra-Guard® mouthguard is designed for athletes with braces. It protects upper and lower teeth as well as the lips and cheeks. It conforms to NCAA guidelines, is latex-free, and comes complete with a $7,500 dental warranty. Comfort Cover™ is an alternative to relief wax. It shields the lips and cheeks from discomfort often associated with orthodontic treatment or activities where the risk of oral laceration could occur, such as playing musical instruments or playing light contact sports. Comfort Cover fits aesthetic and metal braces and snaps into place easily. The company also offers Ortho Performance™ toothbrushes and interproximal brushes, Patient Relief Wax in a variety of scents and colors, and retainer cases.

Ortho Technology
(800) 999-3161

Springstone Patient Financing

Springstone Patient FinancingSM, Scarborough, Mass, endorsed by the American Association of Orthodontics, provides monthly payment financing options for your patients’ treatment. Extended plan rates start at 5.99% APR with terms up to 72 months. With Springstone, your practice enjoys exclusive advantages such as live underwriting, white glove service, and Shared SavingsSM to help reduce your administrative fees. Plus, Springstone offers a full range of no-interest options. Contact the company to receive a free copy of “The Ten Essentials of Case Acceptance.”

Springstone Patient Financing
(800) 630-1663

Chase Health Advance

ChaseHealthAdvance, Tallahassee, Fla, offers ChaseHealthAdvance Financing OptionsSM, which include 18- and 24-month no-interest and 48-month extended payment plans that can help break total costs into manageable monthly payments. Credit lines start at $5,000, allowing patients to finance the entire treatment. And with no down payments and instant credit decisions, treatments can start faster. Plus, ChaseHealthAdvance handles your patients’ monthly payments, so you get your money at the start of each treatment.

ChaseHealth Advance
(888) 388-7633

Wired Promotions

Wired Pro-motions, Aledo, Tex, offers custom-imprinted T-shirts, caps, hats, shorts, sweat pants, electronics, mugs, school-related and fun-related items, and products adorned with rhinestones to help orthodontists promote their practices. The incentives can be given to patients as rewards, on debanding day, or for other occasions.

Wired Promotions
(888) 516-9473

Plak Smacker

Plak Smacker, Corona, Calif, carries a wide selection of orthodontic care kits. Plak Smacker orthodontic kits are available in several different styles, including a water bottle, zipper, or essentials bag. Each kit contains a rubber V-trim dual-head toothbrush, a V-trim travel toothbrush, relief wax, a timer, a mirror, floss, and a floss threader. The Plak Smacker Homecare kit includes two disclosing tablets, while the Survival kit also includes a proxie brush. All orthodontic kits are available in a variety of colors, and several feature a pocket for your business card. Plak Smacker can also help you create a custom orthodontic kit for your practice.

Plak Smacker
(800) 558-6684

Sunstar Butler

Sunstar Butler, Chicago, offers GUM® Soft-Picks, which, according to the company, are clinically proven to be as effective as string floss in reducing gingivitis and gingival bleeding, as well as removing plaque between the teeth. Soft-Picks have 76 tiny rubber, latex-free bristles in a tapered design made to fit into interproximal spaces and around brackets to remove plaque and dislodge food.

Sunstar Butler
(800) 528-8537

Philips Sonicare

Philips Sonicare, Stamford, Conn, introduces FlexCare+, which, according to the company, is clinically proven to remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush. FlexCare+ features a GumCare mode that is designed to help patients focus on trouble areas. Philips Sonicare’s dynamic cleaning action removes plaque along the gumline and between teeth, and its patented sonic technology is designed to be gentle on orthodontic appliances.

Philips Sonicare
(800) 676-7664


Smile!, Novato, Calif, offers Tooth Tokens®, which are part of a reward system designed to increase patient compliance. The company now offers three metal tokens priced as low as $0.15 each, depending on token type and volume ordered. Each starter package includes instructions on how to implement the patient reward system, prize suggestions, templates including introduction letters to patients and referring offices, birthday postcards, patient contracts, personalized tokens, and personalized globe banks. Patients keep their Tooth Tokens in their Token Globe Bank. The tokens may be cashed in at any time, and prizes range from stickers and stuffed animals to GameBoys and iPods. Tooth Tokens are not just for kids—adults can earn gift cards to Macy’s or Home Depot, or donate to a charity.

(888) 227-3735

L Brooks Co

L Brooks Co, Tallahassee, Fla, offers Ortho ER Kits, which contain everything patients need for after-hours emergencies. By helping patients deal with loose bands, wires, and brackets, not only can you help parents and patients feel more at ease, but you can reduce some unnecessary office visits. With orders of as few as 100 kits, the instruction sheet can be customized with your practice’s name and logo. For orders of more than 500 kits, the toothbrushes, mirror, and instructions sheet can be logoed. With orders of more than 1,000 kits, all items can be custom logoed—including the bag.

L Brooks Co
(850) 668-6136

Ultimate Ortho

Ultimate Ortho, Grand Junction, Colo, offers its Ultimate Orthodontic Care Kits, which include hygiene products and instructions on the contents’ proper usage. The kits come packaged in small nylon bags, fanny packs, or plastic boxes. Each kit comes labeled with your practice’s information and logo at no additional charge. The kits can be customized to meet your patients’ needs.

Ultimate Ortho LLC
(888) 678-4619
[email protected]


DentaKit.com, Belmont, Calif, offers its DentaKit Braces Survival Kit. The kit comes in a 4- x 6-inch zippered denier nylon case, which weighs 6 ounces. It contains an orthodontic travel toothbrush, toothpaste, a folding mirror, SturdyFloss, Glide Threader Floss, Pick-a-Dent, dental wax, a spiral proxi-brush, and a dishwasher-safe pop-up Swedish folding cup. The kit opens flat like a book. It is available in black or red. The kit and other products are available for direct patient purchase on the Web site, so these items do not need to be regularly stocked by orthodontists.

DentaKit.com LLC
(877) 329-4733

Water Pik

Water Pik, Fort Collins, Colo, offers the Orthodontic Tip, part of its Water Pik dental water jet line. The orthodontic tip features a tapered brush at the end, which allows simultaneous irrigating and brushing around the teeth, brackets, and archwires. The tip is included with the Waterpik Ultra dental water jet or the Ultra Cordless dental water jet. According to the company, a study published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics compared the Water Pik dental water jet with orthodontic tip to flossing. The group that used the Waterpik dental water jet plus the orthodontic tip reported that it removed three times the amount of plaque and reduced 26% more bleeding than the flossing group.

Water Pik Inc
(800) 525-2020


ArchWired.com, Belmont, Calif, is a free Web site that provides helpful information and support for orthodontic patients worldwide. The Web site contains hundreds of pages of tips on topics such as spacers, power chains, extractions, orthodontic appliances, braces and dating, and soft foods, as well as dental humor, dental news, an explanation of how braces work, and an adult braces primer. The site also contains information on retainers and postorthodontic issues. ArchWired.com is a global interactive Web community where patients from around the world contribute their own orthodontic stories and tips and support one another on the site’s Metal Mouth Message Board, which has almost 7,000 members.

(877) 329-4733

Regent Labs Inc

Regent Labs Inc, Deerfield Beach, Fla, offers Kleenite, the only orthodontic cleanser readily available at retail drug stores. Kleenite has been specially formulated for retainers, aligners, and other removable appliances. For additional information on how to get free patient samples to include in your debanding kits, e-mail [email protected] or fax your inquiry on office letterhead to (954) 426 8535.

Regent Labs
(800) 426-8535

Oral Care Technologies Inc

Oral Care Technologies Inc, Bessemer, Ala, offers the Hydro Floss®, a professional-grade oral irrigator that delivers 1,200 pulses of water (or irrigation solution) per minute, which disrupts the biofilm and flushes food debris from the mouth. It delivers subgingival cleaning beyond 4 mm with its integration of Magnetic Hydro Dynamics and oral irrigation. The Hydro Floss can also be used as a pre- and postoperative treatment device, as well as a delivery system to deliver medicine directly to an infected site. Special attachments, tips, and cannulas are available.

Oral Care Technologies Inc
(800) 635-3594