LED Operatory Light

Midmark Corp, Versailles, Ohio, now offers a new LED Operatory Light. The light features a feathered edge to help minimize eye strain caused by sharp edges with high contrast differences. The device has pull, tilt, and twist options, as well as access to a touch pad. A motion-controlled on/off function can be set on the touch pad with the touch of a button. The touch pad control also provides three intensity adjustments and a composite safe setting to prevent premature curing. Midmark’s LED uses filters to remove the 470 mm blue light that cures composites. According to the company, the LED Operatory Light uses 50% of the energy of the market-leading LED dental lights, and more than 80% less than halogen dental lights. The new LED Operatory Light can be retrofitted onto any existing Midmark dental chair package.

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DentalEZ Product App

DentalEZ® Group, Malvern, Pa, recently introduced its Group Sales Tools app for the iPhone and iPad. The app is for orthodontic professionals who are interested in more information about DentalEZ products and services. It provides access to informational material, including product literature, images, and catalog pages for DentalEZ products and brands, including StarDental®, DentalEZ, CustomAir®, RAMVAC®, and NevinLabs™. Users can also share materials found on the app with others by e-mailing PDFs of the available product literature and images. Users can also access videos of product demonstrations and professional interviews on the app, as well as a calendar of upcoming DentalEZ events. The DentalEZ Group Sales Tools app is available for free in the iTunes App Store. It will be periodically updated with additional content as it becomes available. DentalEZ plans to release an Android version of the app soon.

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Bite Test E-book

Tekscan Inc, Boston, offers a free new e-book, Computerized Occlusion, which demonstrates how a bite test can improve clinical outcomes. The book, written by JH Kim, DDS, details several cases that use Tekscan’s T-Scan® to measure the balance of a patient’s bite. According to the company. During maxillomandibular intercuspation, the T-Scan can isolate time and force, the main occlusal factors. T-Scan can identify the first contact point that precedes numerous other contact points and those that transitorily occur during maxillomandibular functional movements. The T-Scan determines the contact time-sequencing, the percentage of relative occlusal force between numerous occlusal contacts, and the dynamic display of these occurrences. This is intended to enable the clinician to better identify interfering contacts. Computerized Occlusion is available for download at the Tekscan Web site.

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ScreenPlay 8.0 Case-Presentation Software

Solutions by Design, Clovis, Calif, has released ScreenPlay 8.0. The upgraded case-presentation software includes updates to the Protocol Management Center, which allows users to create, edit, and rearrange any protocol at any time. The latest version also offers the Soft Tissue Laser Series, with new appliances and the conversion of many of the 2D animations to 3D, as well as the addition of audio tracks and caption copy for every animation. Version 8.0 also features a Scrub Bar to control presentations, a new search feature, and a new viewer for clinical presentations e-mailed to patients. ScreenPlay 8.0 also launches ANDI (Application Network and Database Interface), a content-management portal for the company’s technology products that allows all users to manage content, download updates, pay user fees, and post comments for support online. A new “wizard” allows ScreenPlay Pro users to select and choose what content they want to include in their version of ScreenPlay Pro.

Solutions by Design
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Ultimate Whitening System

Supersmile, New York, offers its new Ultimate Whitening System. The at-home whitening kit combines Supersmile’s Professional Whitening System with its Professional Activating Rods, providing whitening as well as protection against cavities and remineralizing tooth enamel. The Ultimate Whitening System does not contain harsh abrasives, making it suitable for users with sensitive teeth, according to the company. The Ultimate kit includes Supersmile Professional Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste, which is formulated with CALPROX®, a proprietary, encapsulated form of calcium peroxide designed to attract stains and hold them on the surface of the tooth. The kit also includes Supersmile Professional Whitening Accelerator and eight individually wrapped Activating Rods that contain hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate.

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Youth SmileGoods Toothbrush

Practicon, Greenville, NC, now offers a youth-sized version of its SmileGoods® “dolphin” toothbrush. Available either with or without an imprint, the SmileGoods Y264 toothbrush features a two-color, non-slip dolphin grip, flat-trimmed bristles, and a reach-around tip. Imprinted brushes can include up to 28 spaces of a smooth gold imprint on one line, and are individually polywrapped and packaged 144 per box. Nonimprinted brushes are blister-packed 72 per box in assorted colors. Like all SmileGoods toothbrushes, the Y264 features soft, end-rounded Dupont Tynex® bristles in an unbreakable, nonslip handle. SmileGoods toothbrushes are manufactured under ISO 9002 guidelines.

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Orthodontic Mobile App for Patients

Dental Anywhere Mobile Apps™, Sherman Oaks, Calif, has introduced a new mobile app. The app, downloaded by orthodontic patients, gives them access to services, including information pertaining to their treatment, and serves as a digital business card for an orthodontic office. The app is designed to provide patient contact with the orthodontic office and a means to facilitate word-of-mouth referrals. The app includes treatment and procedure recourse as well as office-specific customization.

Dental Anywhere
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Articulator Accessories

Whip Mix, Louisville, offers two new accessories for its Denar Mark 300 Series articulators. The FlexTrack articulator accessory slides on and off Mark 310 and Mark 320 articulators to give users the flexibility of having an open and closed track fossae on one articulator. The company is also offering a dust cover for all Mark 300 series articulators. The cover attaches to any of the articulators, and is designed to keep debris out of the centric latch mechanism.

Whip Mix
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Click-It Aesthetic Self-Ligating Bracket System

TP Orthodontics, La Porte, Ind, offers the Click-It® Aesthetic Self-Ligating Bracket System. With a four-wall design, the Click-It system was created to offer orthodontists improved control of tooth movement in every phase. The system features a complete ceramic face without visible metal parts or clips, and Personalized Color-Matching Technology®. The system can be opened using forceps that apply no unilateral force and closed with fingertip pressure, allowing for a 2-minute wire change, according to the company.

TP Orthodontics
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eBite Intraoral Lighting System

OrthoEssentials, Southampton, Pa, now offers the eBite Intraoral Lighting System. The wireless light features a Li-Polymer rechargeable battery and two autoclaveable silicone bite blocks. The eBite has an illuminance of 5,000 to 8,000 hours and a life span of 50,000 hours.

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Retainer Recovery Service

L Brooks Company, Tallahassee, Fla, now offers the Ortho Recovery Service™ for patient retainers. The free lifetime service provides 24/7 recovery service for lost retainers as well as a reward to the finder. Each retainer covered by the service has a label with an identification number specific to that retainer embedded when it is manufactured. According to the company, if a retainer is lost and found, the service confidentially arranges a reward for the finder and delivery to the patient anywhere in the world. The Ortho Recovery Service never reveals the identity of the patient.

The cost is $5 per retainer. Additional adhesive ID service labels are also available for retainer cases.

L Brooks Company
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ViewPoint 9 Practice-Management Software

Ortho2, Ames, Iowa, has released ViewPoint 9, a new version of its practice-management software. The new version features an improved On-Deck Operatory Display, which now includes a Light Bar system. In addition, Treatment Chart users will now be able to open a patient’s chart as well as other program applications using their fingerprint. ViewPoint 9 also includes integration with DemandForce. Ortho2’s Edge Imaging and Premier Imaging extension pack are also available for ViewPoint users. The extension pack features card flow presentation, shadow alignment, and unlimited undo. The optional Premier Imaging extension includes new image morphing capabilities. Users can access Patient Compliance Animations with ViewPoint 9, with the option to add full Edge Animations for treatment, surgical, and 3D animations; annotate and draw functionality; and custom audio narration. ViewPoint users can also upgrade to Edge Reminders, which includes the ability to send text, human voice, and/or e-mail messages without minimum usage fees or long-term contracts.

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Hello Kitty FireFly Light-up Toothbrush

Dr. Fresh Inc, Buena Park, Calif, offers the Hello Kitty FireFly Light-up Toothbrush. The newest addition to the FireFly light-up toothbrush line, it is designed for children ages 3 to 12 and features a timer that lights up the brush for 1 minute to encourage children to brush thoroughly. The brush is accepted by the ADA, and comes with a brush cover.

Dr. Fresh
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