Retainer Club launched its RC2 retainer platform offering online ordering, home delivery, analytics and patient marketing.

Retainer Club announced the launch of its RC2 retainer platform, offering a simple approach to generate revenue and provide valuable analytics for practices to boost growth.

The platform is designed to empower practices to break free from the traditional retainer model and raise the bar for profitability and patient satisfaction. Six core features of RC2 integrate a holistic approach to retainer management:

  • Online Ordering and Home Delivery – allow patients to easily order perfect-fit retainer replacements with free home delivery.
  • Custom Smile Care Plan – create and manage a customized retainer replacement membership program that boosts revenue and saves practices time and money.
  • Analytics – streamline patient data with accurate insights into KPIs that measure patient orders and revenue.
  • Revenue Optimization – grow revenue with a customized Smile Care Plan that supports patients for years after orthodontic treatment is complete.
  • New Patient Marketing – activate and manage integrated marketing, co-branded inserts, digital advertising and a custom built partner locator to increase referrals and retention.
  • Patient Management and Engagement – automated processes for staff for fulfillment, logistics, and billing to extend the lifetime value and referral reminders for all retainer patients.

“RC2 is a game-changer for practices. Our mission is to provide the tools and support to enhance patient care and boost revenue,” said Blair Feldman, DMD, Retainer Club president and co-founder. “We are taking a giant leap towards that goal, and are excited to see the positive impact it will have on the industry.”