SnoreLessNow, a Maryland-based retailer of sleep aids, recently announced that its Anti-Snore Mouth Guard+ mandibular advancement device received FDA 510(k) clearance for use in the U.S. The company will sell the device by partnering with the Swiss manufacturer Oscimed SA. SnoreLessNow co-founder Chris Garvey spoke with Orthodontic Products about the snoring aid and the importance of oral sleep treatments.

Orthodontic Products: Please explain the importance of sleep-improving devices like the Anti-Snore Mouth Guard+ to a person’s health and well-being.

Chris Garvey: Most people don’t realize how damaging snoring can be to their overall health. It was only once I began to address my own snoring that I learned just how much of an impact it had on my blood pressure, energy levels, and overall well-being. Snoring is closely related to cardiovascular disease, a leading cause of death in the United States. Snoring can also contribute to sleep apnea, with the Sleep Foundation stating that up to 70% of snorers get diagnosed with sleep apnea. Before I stopped snoring, I constantly struggled to enter deep sleep and never felt rested despite getting 8 or more hours of sleep on a given night. Now that it’s under control, I’ve never felt better. I don’t need coffee as a crutch anymore, and I can keep up with my nieces and nephews again. Sleep-improving devices like the Anti-Snore Mouth Guard+ provide a mask-free, hose-free, electronic-free solution to help someone stop snoring for good and start sleeping better.

OP: How does the Anti-snore Mouth Guard+ reduce snoring?

Garvey: Snoring predominantly occurs because of airway obstruction due to the tongue and/or tissues in the mouth collapsing back toward the throat. The Anti-Snore Mouth Guard+ effectively reduces snoring by gently moving the jaw forward into a position where the tongue and/or tissues cannot collapse back toward the throat, allowing the body to breathe easier throughout the night.

OP: What distinguishes the Anti-snore Mouth Guard+ from other snoring solutions in terms of its design and functionality?

Garvey: The Anti-snore Mouth Guard+ addresses the root cause of snoring. It is effective for all kinds of sleepers. Whether you sleep on your stomach, side, or back, the device is capable of addressing snoring problems. Other devices, such as electronic pillows, move your head around throughout the night, which might not be comfortable. It is an affordable, clinically proven option that does not require a prescription or medication and does not require a mask, hose, or electricity for use.

OP: What are some key advantages of the Anti-snore Mouth Guard+ over other mandibular advancement devices on the market?

Garvey: The Anti-snore Mouth Guard+ is a premium mandibular advancement device that will prove more comfortable and practical than other MADs available due to its innovative design and durable materials. MADs have a historical record of providing snoring relief in more than 90% of users. However, a lack of comfort or tooth and jaw pain causes folks to discontinue use. Our product addresses this by utilizing a patented tension band and flexible frame that allows complete freedom of jaw movement – the first of its kind. You can even talk or drink freely while wearing the device.

OP: What is special about the materials used in manufacturing the Anti-snore Mouth Guard+, and what are the purported benefits of these materials?

Garvey: If a device is to be worn for several hours each day, it should be made of the highest quality material possible. The Anti-Snore Mouth Guard+ is FDA-cleared to ensure device safety and has undergone biocompatibility testing and mechanical tensile testing. The device is durable, sometimes maintaining effectiveness for as long as 12 months for the user.

OP: Is this device primarily for purchase by patients, or is there a way for an orthodontic practice to incorporate this device into its treatment portfolio?

Garvey: The Anti-Snore Mouth Guard+ is entirely over-the-counter (OTC) so that there are no barriers for someone to purchase it. It is recommended by Dr Andres Salazar (SnoreLessNow sleep consultant) and Dr Ibrahim Rizqui of Maryland, and can be easily incorporated in any orthodontic treatment portfolio.

OP: Can this device be used in conjunction with aligners or braces?

Garvey: The Anti-Snore Mouth Guard+ is not intended for use with aligners or braces because it’s intended to be molded to the shape of the individual’s teeth.

OP: What is the process for customizing the fit of the Anti-snore Mouth Guard+ for individual users?

Garvey: The Anti-Snore Mouth Guard+ comes with an at-home molding kit for custom fit. It uses a “boil and bite” method of heating the molding and then biting down to create an impression with the teeth. Once cooled, the device will maintain the customized fit and be ready for consistent use.

OP: Is the Anti-snore Mouth Guard+ currently available for purchase without a prescription in the U.S.?

Garvey: The Anti-Snore Mouth Guard+ will be available for purchase in March 2024 at Anyone interested in purchasing will have first access by subscribing to our email newsletter, where regular release updates are provided.OP

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