DENTAURUM USA, Newton, Pa, has launched a new Contra-Angle Hand Driver for its tomas® system. This driver is designed to provide greater access, stability, and efficiency during the placement of TADs in hard to reach areas such as the palate or the posterior mandible and maxilla.

Turning the knob at the bottom of the handle activates the Contra-Angle Hand Driver. While utilizing the hand driver, orthodontists can maintain constant and stable pressure on the TAD with one finger while turning the knob slowly and consistently with the other hand. The driver has been designed to accept any latch-head attachment, so it can be used with other TAD systems on the market, if needed.

According to the company, orthodontists who mention this product announcement will receive a $100 discount off the purchase of this driver, the company is also offering the driver free of charge with the purchase of 25 tomas® pins.

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