BR Capital Limited Partnership (BR), Calgary, Alberta, has launched ICE Dental Systems, an online practice-management tool for both the clinical and administrative elements of a practice. Orthodontists are first on the list to be able to utilize the new system.

According to the company, ICE’s Web-based platform eliminates the need for servers while fulfilling the needs of an office with a single application. Orthodontists and staff have the ability to manage almost every aspect of a practice with no more than a computer and Internet connection.

Patients can access their records, complete forms, and view presentations from their homes. Patient data is backed up in an encrypted location to ensure privacy. Dental professionals no longer have to store patient information on local machines. ICE automatically installs upgrades to the system.

Other features include online referrals, automated file creation, scheduling, charting, billing, imaging, treatment-planning, cephalometric measurements, patient education presentations, and animations. A medical reference area, with content created and edited by medical professionals on an ongoing basis, connects directly with the database to provide orthodontists a one-click solution for common problems.

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