by Christopher Piehler

Christopher Piehler

You probably were not expecting to see an additional issue of Orthodontic Products between our regular August and September editions, so I will take a moment to explain. This extra issue comes to you thanks to Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions, which, along with its industry partners, is the sponsor of the entire magazine. You’ll notice that the articles contain our usual array of clinical and practice-management tips that orthodontists can read today and use tomorrow. So as a reader, you’re getting an entire extra magazine at our usual low price of $0.

Although you may not have been planning on viewing this issue, the focus of this issue is, in fact, planning. As clinicians and small business owners, smart orthodontists know that planning is absolutely crucial to their success. Achieving functional and aesthetic clinical results, sending patients away happy, maintaining a healthy bottom line, trying to spend a few minutes away from the office each week: none of these things happen spontaneously. For those of you who consider “plan” to be a four-letter word, this issue, with its pearls about treatment planning, financial planning, doctor-time planning, and business continuity planning, can help.

Thanks as always for reading, and please feel free to write or call with your questions or comments.

Christopher Piehler