Starting in January 2008, the familiar Pankey Institute "Continuum" will be gradually phased out and a series of four courses known as the "Pankey Essentials" will begin. The Essentials are designed to be taken in sequence, but special-interest courses can be taken before and after each, with an increasing number of special courses becoming appropriate as the participant progresses through the Essentials. This is a more fluid curriculum that responds to the learning needs of today’s dentist.
As in the past, clinical, behavioral, and financial aspects of dentistry will be addressed in the curriculum, and all courses will be built upon the foundation of L.D. Pankey’s philosophy. Each of the Essentials courses has been designed so participants are well prepared to implement what they learn immediately upon returning to their practices. The new courses are the following:
• Essentials 1: Occlusion in Everyday Dentistry
• Essentials 2: Bite Splints in General Practice
• Essentials 3: Advanced Occlusion
• Essentials 4: Excellence in Restorative Techniques

Special interest courses will include the following:

• Financial Management
• Team Development
• Interdisciplinary Dentistry
• Digital Dental Photography
• Mastering Occlusal Concepts
• TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders: Beyond Splint Therapy)

The new curriculum has been designed so current Continuum participants can easily move forward without missing course material.  For the latest course schedule and information go to

Founded in 1972, The Pankey Institute is a nonprofit organization that promotes optimal oral health care through advanced continuing education for dentists. It was the first institute of its kind, attracting dentists from 42 nations to its educational programs. Nearly 20,000 dentists and specialists have attended its courses and now serve millions of patients worldwide.

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