Archtek_BracketJacketArchtek Inc, Denver, Colo, now offers Bracket Jacket. The reusable and shape-retaining product was designed to cover teeth and brackets to reduce rubbing of braces in the mouth.

According to the company, Bracket Jacket is formed in hot water and pressed to the teeth with braces to fit over and around the hardware and prevent discomfort caused by sharp brackets and wires. When necessary, Bracket Jacket can be peeled off and then pressed to fit back into place. To clean, it can be rinsed in cool water or brushed with toothpaste to freshen.

The clear guard allows teeth to move and leaves space to wear rubber bands. In addition, the tray levels the occlusion, according to the company, so all teeth are in contact.

Manufactured from FDA-approved soft EVA material, Bracket Jacket is BPA, phthalate, and latex free.