Osprey_SoundCoverDentalEZ® Group, Malvern, Pa, recently introduced two additions to its RAMVAC® line of Osprey air compressor products, the new Osprey 24 Air Compressor and the new Osprey Sound Cover.

According to the company, the Osprey 24 has a quiet design and provides clean, dry, oil-free air in even the busiest dental practice environment.

The rocking piston technology of the Osprey 24 provides quiet operation while producing more usable airflow. RAMVAC compressor heads are 100% duty cycle rated and run at 115 PSI max operating pressure, allowing them to run unremittingly, if needed.

The Osprey 24 is equipped with a dual-column desiccant dryer that provides 100% continuous supply of moisture-free, clean air. While one column is drying, the other is in operation. The unit provides -40°C dry air, and a .01 micron final filter that, according to the company, effectively captures mold spores, pollen, and harmful bacteria. Moreover, desiccant cartridges are replaced right in the office.

The Osprey 24 compressor is available in either Basic or Smart control platforms. The Basic control platform uses a traditional pressure switch and contactor arrangement to control the cycling of the compressor heads. Meanwhile, the Smart control platform (C2 Control) uses a more modern digital technology, according to the company, with a pressure transducer and solid-state relays to control cycling.

Capable of accommodating four to six users, the Osprey 24 is backed by a 230-voltage (AC) power supply and is equipped with a 20-gallon tank size. Like all Osprey compressors, the Osprey 24 is compatible with RAMVAC’s On Wall Logistics (OWL) center, and multiple units can be linked together. The Osprey 24 offers a 6-year/4,2000-hour warranty.

Although all RAMVAC Osprey air compressors are designed to operate at a minimal sound level, new Osprey Sound Covers are now also available for all Osprey models to further reduce noise levels by 6 to 8 decibels (dBA). All Osprey Sound Covers are equipped with angled brackets and adjustable clamps for easier installation and removal. In addition to further obstructing noise levels, Osprey Sound Covers also add another level of durable protection for the equipment, according to DentalEZ Group.