AmericanOrtho EmpowerMolarTubes

 Empower Molar Tubes

American Orthodontics, Sheboygan, Wis, has added Empower Molar Tubes to its Empower® self-ligating bracket product line. The tubes can be used with both self-ligating and traditionally ligated brackets, and are available in single- or double-tube options, as well as direct-bond or weldable options. Empower Molar Tubes feature a full slot-width self-ligating clip designed for rotation control and funneled tube entrances designed to help reduce wire binding and ease wire insertion. The tubes also feature the company’s Maximum Retention™ pads, with a pronounced developmental groove created to provide accurate positioning and bond strength. 

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 Wehmer Restore System

 Wehmer, Lombard, Ill, offers the Wehmer Restore System. The system features four new carbide, 18-blade finishing burs and a diamond #129 bur. The Restore System of burs was designed for controlled removal of bulk bonding adhesive with a high-speed handpiece after brackets have been removed, and to allow orthodontists to remove cement while limiting damage to the enamel.

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TokensDirect RewardCoinsPatient Reward Coins

TokensDirect, Cincinnati, offers reward coins for orthodontic patients. The coins are designed to reward patients for good oral health practices and serve as a tangible reminder to reinforce these habits. The reward coins can be saved and redeemed for prizes or used in on-site machines like video games or gumball dispensers. They can also be used to reward new patient referrals. Standard reward coins are available for immediate shipment. The company also offers custom-designed coins featuring a practice’s name and logo. The coins come in a variety of metal choices, including brass, red brass, nickel silver, and aluminum. Nickel-plated and brightly colored anodized coins are also available.

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VisionUSA HyperCleanHyperClean Decontamination Solution

Vision USA, Cherry Hill, NJ, now offers HyperClean, a decontamination solution for ceramic and alloys. HyperClean is available in two formulas: HyperClean Ceramic and HyperClean Metal. Both come in 1-gallon bottles. According to the company, the solution is biodegradable, nontoxic, and noncarcinogenic.

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Dolphin LipBumperAquarium Updates

Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions, Chatsworth, Calif, has launched updates to its Aquarium software. Among the new content offerings are movies titled Thumb Habit Appliance, Lip Bumper (mixed dentition), Mounted Models (articulated), Tongue Habit Appliance, and Impression. Dolphin sends updates like these every couple of months via the Dolphin Update Service (DUS). Similar to the Windows Update feature, DUS can be configured to install updates automatically or alert users when updates have been delivered and are ready to install. Aquarium is a stand-alone patient education software that uses 3D graphics to demonstrate common and complex topics, including diagnostic findings, orthodontic and oral surgery procedures, appliance use, and hygiene.


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ScreenPlay Dynaflex SeriesScreenPlay DynaFlex Series

Solutions by Design, Clovis, Calif, now offers the ScreenPlay DynaFlex Series. The latest addition to the ScreenPlay demonstration library includes six new animations and supporting Care and Use Forms for each appliance. Available in five languages (English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Polish), the latest ScreenPlay release features three new support function levels. Basic Support includes an ANDI account, practice-management integration, installation support, FTP support uploads, and video training.

In addition to all the features of the Basic package, the Premium support level includes online support, periodic content upgrades, 10 user licenses, custom logo main screens, and custom logo forms screens. The VIP support level includes all the features of the basic and premium packages, as well as PMS support and installation, telephone support, online Webex training, annual upgrades, YouTube video/animation usage, and 20 user licenses.

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1800Dentist ReputationMonitorReputationMonitor

1-800-DENTIST®, Los Angeles, now offers ReputationMonitor®, a social media service that keeps track of orthodontic practices’ online presence. The system pulls reviews, social media mentions, and listings from hundreds of sites and displays the data on a single screen. Users can also employ the system to interact with patients. Orthodontists are notified of activity in real time and can compare their online presence with local competitors’.

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Great-Lakes-Orthodontics-Apnea-Guard-Combo-KitApnea Guard

Great Lakes Orthodontics Ltd, Tonawanda, NY, now offers the Apnea Guard, a prefabricated oral appliance. The Apnea Guard Combo Kit can be used with a full range of arch widths and features three vertical sizes. The device advances the mandible in 1-mm increments for up to 29 nights. Apnea Guard uses PVS impression material common to most dental offices, and settings can be transferred to a custom device, according to the company. The Combo Kit includes five Apnea Guards: one low (5.5 mm), three medium (6.5 mm), and one high (8 mm).

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SorrisoOrtho sorrisologoSorrisoOrtho App

Sorriso Ortho, Frisco, Tex, offers the SorrisoOrtho App. Designed for orthodontists and patients, the app provides communication support during a patient’s treatment. The SorrisoOrtho app allows orthodontists to create and send photos, videos, voice mails, or e-mail to a patient’s responsible parties; and to send messages to a group of the practice’s referral doctors. Orthodontists can also append custom logos and taglines to photos shared via e-mail or Facebook to improve practice exposure. Patients can use the app to share time-lapse photos to show their “smile-in-progress” via Facebook or e-mail. The app also includes a countdown timer to remind the patient when braces will come off, as well as reminders for brushing, flossing, changing retainers, and appointments. Orthodontists can also provide patients with videos with specific instructions that they can access using the app.

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Cachet_ORTHOESSENTIALS_INCCachet Product Line

OrthoEssentials, Southampton, Pa, has added the Cachet brand of bicuspid bands, weldable brackets, molar bands and tubes, and ceramic bracket to its product line. According to the company, the Cachet line is a “perfect complement” to its Prestige line of molar bands and tubes.

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