Gestenco, Gothenburg, Sweden, introduces the Phantom lingual bracket, which is made for direct bonding with a fixed placement jig that guarantees the correct position on the tooth, according to the company. The bracket has built-in torque, and the placement jig gives you the correct angulation. The placement jig can be removed by hand or with a cutting instrument after bonding.

The Phantom is self-ligating, with a snap-on door. The door has a beam inside that pushes the wire into the base of the bracket, making the bracket interactive for more control when you are using heavier archwires.

Tubes on the premolars make it comfortable for the patient when leaving the molars unbonded. Phantom is made from a medical-grade polymer that delivers strength, flexibility, and aesthetics. Phantom bonds in the same manner as metal or ceramic brackets. It comes in a convenient five-patient kit with assorted wires, special thin elastomeric chains, instruments, an information CD, and a practice thimble.

For more information, contact Gestenco.