Ortho-byte, Wilmington, Del, offers Autonomy™ Self-Ligating Brackets.

According to the company, the nickel-free steel brackets are one of the smallest appliances, making them comfortable for patients. They open with an explorer and close with the touch of a finger. Opening the clip with a finger is not possible, preventing patient intrusion. The clip remains passive with up to a .018- x .022-inch archwire dimension. When more force is necessary, the passive system can be activated by increasing the archwire dimension.

The brackets have a four-point contact slot with rounded edges. A true twin, four-tie-wing design permits increased rotational control and the use of chain elastics. Autonomy brackets feature small ball hooks on the cuspids and bicuspids, as well as a compound contoured base with built-in torque and angulations. A vertical scribe line is designed to help in accurate placement, and the brackets are color-coded for easy identification.

Autonomy Self-Ligating Brackets are available in Roth and MBT prescriptions, with a .018 or .022 slot.

For more information, e-mail [email protected].