orthotech_sensationmOrtho Technology, Tampa, Fla, now offers a complete line of metal and ceramic active self-ligating brackets with the introduction of its Sensation M Bracket System.

The company also announces its self-ligating clip is now manufactured using a Cobalt-Nickel alloy for resiliency and durability.

According to Ortho Technology, the Sensation M Bracket System provides ideal control in all stages of treatment. During the initial treatment phase, the passive stage of the clip allows for more efficient leveling and aligning. Sliding mechanics also are enhanced during the passive and transitional phases. The active stage of the clip engages the archwire securely into the base of the archwire slot, fully expressing the in-out, angulation, and torque built into the bracket.

Unlike traditional brackets where forces can diminish when ligatures are stretched into place, Ortho Technology notes the self-ligating clip design offers continuous force levels during wire deflection/unloading.

The Sensation M also features a fixed-clip design that prevents accidental removal, a low-profile bracket design, smooth rounded facial contours to optimize patient comfort, an ample under tie-wing area for application of elastomeric chains, and a compound contour base that provides an ideal bracket fit to tooth surface.

For more information, visit www.orthotechnology.com/SensationM