Cadent has introduced upgrades for its OrthoCAD™ software.

"These new product updates reflect Cadent’s commitment to continuously improve OrthoCAD functionality and maintain our position as the leader in orthodontic digital modeling," said Terry Gunning, CEO of Cadent. "The updated software provides new tools for making the iQ approval process faster and more convenient for our customers.”

New features include the following:

• Jaws Alignment Control, an enhanced jaw alignment tool with more options to make occlusion adjustments;
• ABO Discrepancy Index, a computerized index updated to new ABO specifications;
• IQ Update, which allows users to download approved iQ cases to any OrthoCAD-enabled PC for remote access. The new software also allows unilateral interproximal reduction and the inversion of brackets;
• a new set-up menu in IQ that shows the Rx form used for each model; and
• Compatibility with Windows Vista® and operating systems from Windows 2000 and forward.

In May, Cadent announced that the OrthoCAD digital study model was rebranded as OrthoCAD iCast. With iCast, a digital file copy of all data and measurements for future reference is created and saved at Cadent’s service center for 14 years, ensuring that data is backed up. As part of the certification process, the ABO now accepts digital study models submitted by orthodontists in lieu of pretreatment hard casts.

For more information, contact Cadent.