Ormco SVP of Orthodontics Eric Conley spoke to Orthodontic Products as the AAO Annual Session opens in Chicago about the company’s new initiatives aimed at “driving the future of orthodontics.”

Ormco is set to roll out a brand refresh and Ultima Journey, a new educational resource for orthodontists using the Damon Ultima System. Orthodontic Products spoke to Eric Conley, senior vice president of orthodontics at Ormco, to find out more. 

Orthodontic Products: Why is the time right for an Ormco brand refresh

Eric Conley: In today’s competitive environment, it’s more important than ever to help ensure that orthodontic specialists have the tools and resources they need to succeed.  Ormco has always had a ‘freedom to choose’ philosophy—striving to give doctors the products and services they need to treat patients their way. With our recent and upcoming introduction of doctor-inspired innovations, we felt that this was an optimal time to express our ongoing commitment to the industry through this brand refresh.

OP: As the rebrand is focused on “driving the future of orthodontics,” can you talk about the company’s commitment to research and development? 

Conley: Ormco has collaborated with orthodontists for over 60 years to better understand their needs and challenges. When it comes to product innovation, we take our inspiration from the orthodontic experts we serve. With continuous investment in Research & Development, our solutions empower leading practices to improve patients’ smiles. Our significant investment in R&D has led to several industry-first and breakthrough products and features, including:

  • The Damon Ultima System, the first true full expression system, designed for faster and more precise finishing (data on file). 
  • The new Ultima Hook, the only repositionable hook (using the Ultima Hook Repositioning instrument. 
  • Proprietary ceramic bracket technology and advanced clear bracket design with Symetri Clear. 
  • TruRoot for Spark Clear Aligners that allow doctors to see actual roots in the treatment plan.

OP: The rebrand emphasizes Ormco’s “dedication to partnership.” The new tagline—”Driving the future of orthodontics, together”—also drives this home, ending on the word “together.” For the orthodontist in private practice, what does that partnership with Ormco, the company, look like day-to-day? How can it help them be more successful as clinicians and business owners? 

Conley: Our commitment to a dedicated partnership with doctors is embodied through our three core pillars: Clinical Freedom, Doctor-Inspired Innovation, and A Partner that Can Serve All Practice Needs. We believe that this helps doctors in multiple ways. First, with Ormco’s diverse portfolio of solutions for every orthodontic need, doctors have the clinical freedom and flexibility to treat their patients and grow their practices their way. Second, with our continuous investment in Research & Development that spans the full range of clinical modalities, our solutions help practices improve patients’ smiles. Third, Ormco provides a single, convenient source for a complete spectrum of orthodontic solutions, so doctors spend less time managing multiple vendors and more time on patient care and practice growth. Plus, Ormco’s partnership extends beyond best-in-class products to encompass a full range of Education & Practice Marketing Resources designed to help practices thrive.

OP: Much of Ormco’s product innovations are doctor-inspired. What are some of the products and features that have come to fruition, and why is it important for Ormco to approach product development this way? 

Conley: Our philosophy of doctor-inspired innovation drives our approach to R&D because Ormco’s core mission is to help the doctors we serve. Before we embark on any innovation initiative, we spend hundreds of hours listening to our customers to truly understand their needs and wants. This approach helps to ensure that Ormco introduces products and features that doctors will find clinically relevant and beneficial. For example, in collaboration with Dr Dwight Damon, we developed the Damon Ultima System and the Ultima Hook, the only repositionable hook. The successful launch and rapid growth of the Spark Clear Aligners brand is also a testament to our approach of working with leading orthodontic experts to develop and continually refine this product.

OP: Another new initiative that Ormco is rolling out with the AAO Annual Session is the Ultima Journey, which is aimed at “taking doctors’ efficiency and skills to the next level” through ongoing education. Can you break down what doctors can expect from this educational program? 

Conley: Damon Ultima Journey provides doctors with the tools and resources needed to successfully start their journey with Damon Ultima Brackets including comprehensive on-demand learning modules. Doctors can experience four different doctor tracks that they can view at their own pace. Each track features Key Experts who guide the doctor through the three phases of treatment and a deeper dive treatment mechanics. From wire selection to treating complex cases, the Ultima Journey provides doctors with practical clinical education that they can apply to their own Ultima Journey. 

OP: In addition to educational modules, the Ultima Journey includes a number of resources for Ultima users. What do these resources include, and how are they designed to optimize the practice?  

Conley: The orthodontic staff and treatment coordinators play a key role in using Damon Ultima brackets. We’ve created education tracks specifically for staff and treatment coordinators where we highlight everyday treatment details like opening and closing bracket doors and using Ultima Hooks. Doctors also get access to special Damon Ultima promotional bundles that include discounts on buccal tubes and peripheral products to help them get started. In addition, doctors who enroll in the Ultima Journey get discounts to the Ormco Symposium and access to the latest webinars to keep their education Journey going into the future.

OP: The spotlight is often on Ormco’s bracket and aligner products. Can you talk about some of the other product categories Ormco offers customers?  

Conley: Along with the Damon Ultima System for self-ligation, Ormco’s portfolio includes the Spark Clear Aligner System, Titanium Orthos, Symetri Clear, AOA Lab, Mini Twin, and OrthoPulse Light Accelerated Orthodontics (OrthoPulse is a registered trademark of Biolux Technology GmbH. OrthoPulse is distributed by Ormco). In addition, as part of the Envista family of companies, Ormco provides doctors with DEXIS IS scanning solutions and Metrex infection prevention solutions. With a portfolio encompassing wire and bracket systems, clear aligners, light accelerated technologies, 2D and 3D imaging, infection prevention, custom appliances, and more—Ormco provides a full gamut of innovations that help doctors improve patients’ smiles by leveraging the future of orthodontics.

OP: The new branding will be unveiled at the AAO Annual Session in Chicago. What else can attendees expect to see at the Ormco booth? 

Conley: The Ormco Booth (#1020) will bring to life our refreshed brand identity by showcasing the full range of our products and services, educational content, and practice marketing materials.  

First, we’ll have “Ask The Experts” sessions with Drs Alyssa Carter, Trevor Nichols, Stuart Frost, and Mike Bicknell who will be available on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. AAO attendees can take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions about Ormco’s products, including Spark Aligners, Damon Ultima, and DEXIS IS scanners, to name just a few, as well as hear these doctors speak about their experiences with Ormco.

Attendees can also participate in many activities, including demonstrations of our Spark Aligners CBCT & root visualization feature, AOA Memotain, and the Ultima Hook. You can also have the opportunity to review a Spark case with one of our Clinical Support Specialists.

In addition, we’ll have a DEXIS IS 3800W scanning contest where you can show off your scanning skills to your colleagues and friends and compete to earn bragging rights as the fastest scanner.  

By participating in our raffle, attendees at our booth can also play to win prizes, including free tuition to attend a Spark Aligners MasterCOIP event, a 60-minute virtual mentorship with Spark and Ultima contracted key influencers, and Amazon gift cards. 

Ormco is very excited about AAO 2023, and we look forward to bringing to life how Ormco offers doctors the clinical freedom to treat patients their way and one convenient source for all practice needs. OP