DentalMonitoring announced a new update adding features to help doctors visualize progress and obstacles when treating with braces.

DentalMonitoring announced two new features that allow doctors to better visualize progress and obstacles throughout braces treatment.

An update to the platform, including the new patient timeline and progress bar, is now available in the dashboard for doctors worldwide.

With the new patient timeline and progress bar, doctors can now optimize braces patient management with two innovative features that provide instant snapshots of patient progress.

The patient card displays a timeline that automatically tracks treatment, hygiene, and scan compliance for patients, aggregated from all DentalMonitoring scans throughout treatment.

Orthodontists can quickly identify trends and track recurring issues without additional clinical chair or desk time. Using doctor-customized automation and artificial intelligence, it provides an increased level of clinical visibility and control when treating braces patients, improving treatment progress and outcomes.

“DentalMonitoring is designed to bring visibility and clinical efficiency to all patients being treated with braces or aligners throughout their treatment,” said Philippe Salah, DentalMonitoring’s chief executive officer. “The new timeline and progress bar help doctors quickly and remotely see how treatment is progressing and what course of action is needed to optimize the outcome for each case.”

DentalMonitoring’s AI-powered solutions leverage automation to create more connected care for all patients in all phases, minimizing clinical surprises between in-person visits while optimizing chair time.

The company pioneered AI in orthodontic care to increase the quality of care and positively impact the bottom line by increasing doctors’ value-per-visit with more proactive treatment decisions based on clinical observations and remote analysis.

Using advanced AI, the software enables doctors to monitor their patients more and provides a competitive advantage in their patient experience.

Photo courtesy of DentalMonitoring