A study conducted by the Millennium Research Grouphas found that 68% of surveyed adults are interested in improving theirsmiles. While this suggests that approximately 23 million adults in theUnited States have interest in orthodontic treatment, many don’t seektreatment due to lack of education, according to the study’s findings.The study also indicates that this audience is more likely to seektreatment after reviewing educational materials that indicate thebenefits of orthodontic treatment as well as advancements in thetreatment experience itself.

In order to capitalize on such a large pool of potential patients, Ormco Corp,Orange, Calif, recommends that orthodontists use educational supportand marketing materials provided by manufacturers of treatments tobetter educate these potential patients.

The Millennium Research Group study further forecasts an increasedpatient demand for aesthetic treatment over the next 3 to 5 years, soOrmco suggests that orthodontists offer virtually invisible bracketsolutions. And, since 33% of study participants indicated that thelength of treatment is one of the factors that have prevented them fromseeking orthodontic care, orthodontists should ensure that patients arethoroughly educated on treatment times for the leading orthodonticappliances.

Respondents to the study reported being moderately price sensitive inselecting a treatment option, citing very little difference inpreference for treatments priced at $250 versus $300 per month. Giventhese findings, orthodontists would be well advised to offer patientsadvanced treatment solutions despite marginal price increases. TheMillennium Research Group study pointed out that most consumers arewiling to pay a premium to obtain added treatment benefits, such asfaster treatment and loss noticeable appliance.

Another key to capitalizing on this audience, according to Ormco, isusing social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, andYelp. Ormco advises orthodontists to actively monitor orthodonticconversations and practice reviews to better understand client concernsand preferences. Additionally, engaging with current and prospectivepatients online helps to strengthen relationships, build trust, andposition yourself as a thought leader, according to Ormco.

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