Planmeca, Roselle, Ill, introduces its Compacti delivery system with balanced arms. Its design allows access to all instruments and controls. The unit supports treatment workflow and has functional hygiene features designed to guarantee patient and user safety. The hanging tubes allow the instruments to be at the correct height to be easily reachable, and allow access to the tray. The instrument console can be equipped with up to five instruments, featuring Plug & Perform quick connectors. A sixth instrument position can be used for a Planmeca Intracam intraoral video camera. The balanced instrument arms are flexible forward and sideways. The unit has automated instrument flushing procedures for patient change, daily maintenance, and weekly treatment of the dental unit waterlines. The unit provides patient chair options such as a fold-down legrest, armrests, and a motorized headrest with movement in three dimensions.

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Summit Dental Systems

Summit Dental Systems, Fort Lauderdale, Fla, introduces its 900CWS delivery cabinet. The 900CWS is a computer-friendly cabinet that includes a monitor mount, a mini keyboard, and a duplex outlet. The unit has vented computer storage in the back of the cart and a separate, self-contained water bottle system. The company also offers its 900SH delivery cabinet, which features a removable plastic tray over a cabinet top. Both cabinets offer a pullout breadboard, two instrument drawers, and one medium and two large storage drawers that can be extended and removed for cleaning. The cabinets come standard with automatic selection for one high- and one low-speed handpiece, a three-way air/water syringe, a disk-type foot control, and a vacuum package with a saliva ejector and HVE. Caster or fixed bases are available.

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Craftmaster Contour Equipment Inc

Craftmaster Contour Equipment Inc, Fort Worth, Tex, offers its Vista Unit. The unit features a standard pullout instrument tray that brings accessories close to the patient’s head and retracts back when not in use. It also has an optional HVE, a saliva ejector, a high- and low-speed handpiece system with a three-way syringe, an electrical outlet in the back of the unit, pole mounts for lighting options and trays, a keyboard tray, and five storage drawers.

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J. Morita USA

J. Morita USA, Irvine, Calif, offers its Spaceline EMCIA, which, according to the company, promotes a balanced posture and reduces operator stress and fatigue. The instruments and handpieces are arranged so that the orthodontist can pick them up without bending his or her elbow. The handpieces are positioned on the back of the chair below the headrest, and the soft-touch switches are located on the backrest and tray for easy access. The chair’s thin design allows the clinician to work closer to the operating field, reducing body contortion. Other features include warm air/water and a low chair-height setting of approximately 18 inches. A Piezo electric scaler and cuspidor are available.



Dome, Tarzana, Calif, offers a side-delivery unit that can be modified for a computer with a keyboard tray and space for the CPU. If you prefer to work while sitting down, the tray for the keyboard and the mouse can be built into the countertop. The keyboard tray and countertop are angled to allow easier access to the handpieces, syringe, and vacuum. The drawer face for the tray provides wrist support when you are typing on the keyboard. A large vented service door on the back side allows access to the CPU. An internal plywood partition and a side access door isolate the CPU from the plumbing utilities. If a flat-screen monitor is attached to the work surface, the wires can be concealed for a clean installation. If you prefer to have the flat-screen monitor off of the work surface, a variety of articulating arms are available. If you prefer to have the keyboard tray separate from the countertop, the tray can be attached to a post that supports the flat-screen monitor.

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A-dec, Newberg, Ore, offers its 500® delivery system. Designed for complete integration, the 500 delivery system has enough room to house modules for an intraoral camera, two electric micromotors, a scaler, and a curing light. A slotted platform accommodates most manufacturers’ mounting hardware without modification, and a data communication system allows device control and easy upgrades. An optional deluxe touch pad offers programming for handpieces and automated control of the chair, dental light, and cuspidor functions.

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Ross Orthodontic

Ross Orthodontic, Midlothian, Tex, specializes in orthodontic delivery systems and can customize any of its standard systems to suit any practice’s needs. The company also provides one-of-a-kind concept delivery systems. All delivery systems are constructed of cabinet-grade plywood, have fully extendable ball bearing drawer slides with solid wood drawers, and are wrapped in high-pressure laminate. Available options include Silestone or solid surface tops, computer mounts, and attached task lighting.

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ASI Medical

ASI Medical, Centennial, Colo, introduces its Triton™ self-contained delivery system, which can operate on power from a standard electrical outlet. The system features an oil-less air compressor and a dry vacuum pump with sound-reduction technology for quiet chairside use. An aseptic dual closed water system delivers clean water for patient treatment and prevents biofilm from forming in handpiece lines. The delivery system includes three pneumatic handpiece connections, an air/water syringe, titanium suction instruments with the option to upgrade to electric handpieces, ultrasonic systems, fiber optics, and curing lights. The back of the system provides air, water, and electrical outlets for operation of tabletop instruments. The system has the capability to be connected to central plumbing at any time.

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