Carestream_CS3600_suresmileOrtho-ScannerCarestream Dental, Atlanta, announced that its CS 3600 intraoral scanner has been certified by OraMetrix Inc, Richardson, Tex, for use with its suresmile® technology.

The integration of suresmile with the CS 3600 offers orthodontists new workflow options for case planning, combining 3D diagnostic imaging with computerized treatment planning and robotic archwire customization. According to Carestream Dental, the integration means orthodontists can plan tooth movement on digital models and customize prescriptive archwires for more precise and efficient treatment.

The CS 3600 features high-speed, continuous scanning capabilities, and produces full HD 3D color digital impressions. The scanner’s intelligent scanning algorithms are designed to make it easier to go back and fill in any missing information in the data set. The CS 3600 is available with three rounded, autoclavable interchangeable tips—normal, side-orientated, and posterior.

Carestream Dental’s CS 9300C Select and CS 9300C systems received suresmile certification from OraMetrix in April 2013 and October 2011, respectively. According to a press release from Carestream Dental, it is the only company to have both a CBCT unit and intraoral scanner with suresmile certification.