Joann Stallings-Daughtery, a dental hygienist, knows firsthand the challenges of flossing with appliances. To make flossing easier she has invented Sturdyfloss™, an alternative to traditional floss.

SturdyFloss may be used by patients with braces, bridges, and other appliances. The secret is in the colored, flexible tip. Patients can bend it into any shape they need to in order to get under wires and around appliances.

Each strand of SturdyFloss is individually wrapped in plastic. The builtin bendable rigid tip is attached to a length of unscented, unflavored floss. Unlike traditional floss that is slippery, the SturdyFloss is easy to hold. Each box of SturdyFloss contains 100 strands.

For more information, visit www.sturdyfloss.com.

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