The Bond-Eight wires are intended for lingual retention, but can also be used for splitting of the upper and lower incisors and keeping diastemas closed. 

Ortho-Byte announced the release of Bond-Eight Lingual Retainer Wires. 

According to the company, they are ideal for lingual retention, as well as splitting of the upper and lower incisors. It can also be used for keeping diastemas closed. 

The annealed dead-soft 1×8 braided .010 x .0278 flat ribbon wire is manufactured to prevent unintended tooth movement.

According to Ortho-Byte, the Bond-Eight will be offered at $31.95 for 10×6-inch lengths per package. In addition, the company is offering one free package when buying three packages; three free packages when buying seven packages; five free packages when buying 10 packages; and 10 free packages plus a free curing light when buying 20 packages.