Ortho-Byte’s latest product offering builds on the company’s wire manufacturing expertise

In business for over 20 years, Ortho-Byte recently released the Bond-Eight Lingual Retainer Wire. The wire is the latest addition to a product range that spans the spectrum of the orthodontic clinic’s needs. 

Orthodontic Products talked to Storm Swordson, director of sales and marketing at Ortho-Byte, to find out what makes this lingual retainer wire stand out and to understand how it fits into the company’s larger range of wire options. What’s more, Swordson provides insight into the company’s unique OrthoAssist program, a rebate program designed specifically for orthodontic assistants and office managers. 

Orthodontic Products: How long has Ortho-Byte been in business and what type of products does the company offer orthodontic practices? 

Storm Swordson: Ortho-Byte has been in business since 1999. It was initially built completely on the internet when no other company had a website. Since 1999, it has been our mission to identify and develop ideas that will improve the quality of dental care and to provide our clients with quality orthodontic products, assist in their treatment goals and patient treatment success. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging facilities, now spread across 4 countries, provide our customers with an unprecedented array of customized product and packaging solutions and a final product that surpasses the highest and strictest industry quality control standards endorsed by clinicians and independent research organizations.

Ortho-Byte designs, develops, and manufactures innovative, high quality orthodontic products like self-ligating brackets, stainless steel, ceramic, composite brackets, molar bands, buccal tubes, nickel titanium and stainless-steel wires, coil springs, ligatures, elastomerics, pliers, instruments, headgear, self-etching, no mix, light cure adhesives, cheek retractors, rhodium coated mirrors, a complete range of lingual products, laboratory products and more.

bond-eight lingual retainer wires
Bond-Eight Lingual Retainer Wire

OP: Ortho-Byte’s latest product offering is the Bond-Eight Lingual Retainer Wire. What sets this wire apart? 

Swordson: Coming from a company specialized in manufacturing wire products, Bond-Eight is ideal for enhancing lingual retention, and for splinting of the upper and lower incisors. This annealed dead-soft 1×8 braided .010 x .0278 flat ribbon wire prevents unintended tooth movement. It can also be used for keeping diastemas closed. When you consider the price advantage, you have a winner in your hand. Contact us for the current specials as we might surprise you.

Ortho-Byte Archwire Forms

OP: The Bond-Eight is just one of the wire options the company offers. What other wires does the company manufacture? 

Swordson: We manufacture a wide variety of wire products that have been tested by independent research organizations for their surface quality, friction, tensile strength, etc. The results are simply amazing, and these test results are available upon request. Our expertise in wire products allows us to offer not only superior daily wires like super elastic, heat activated or TMA type wires, but also specialty wires like Sapphire Ultra Elastic SONIC BLUE NiTi with 33% less friction, or Tricharger, that combines the austenitic and martensitic properties on one single archwire, exclusively from Ortho-Byte. Our EsthetIQ coated NiTi and steel wires are simply out of this world and you will be pleasantly surprised with the quality. So, if you are looking for a specific wire, shape or size, we can offer customized solutions as well as packaging.

OP: Ortho-Byte offers the OrthoAssist program which is designed to save orthodontists money when purchasing wires—but this program offers assistants/office managers benefits as well, correct? 

Swordson: Exactly. When you subscribe to our OrthoAssist program, an industry first, the clinic saves money as we offer unbeatable prices. But we also thought of the office managers and dental assistants who do the hard work. They get a percentage of the order just for ordering from Ortho-Byte as we do appreciate them. Then and only then, it feels like we are all part of a big family.

OP: What’s next for Ortho-Byte? 

Swordson: Global clear aligners market was valued at $1.553 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $6.807 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 20.30% from 2019 to 2026. That’s why, every day, you see another company jumping in, introducing clear aligners but with no value proposition or “clear” differentiation. Ortho-Byte is working on a new product that will be different than all the competition. We would rather launch a superior product, than jumping into the “me too” wagon. So, long story short, we have huge plans for the future with some new traditional products as well as trendy alternatives. OP