Jeffrey D. Smith

With Jeffrey D. Smith

Jeffrey D. Smith is the director of marketing at American Orthodontics.

Orthodontic Products: How long have you been with the company?

JS: I joined American Orthodontics in 1999, working in international sales, and after several years took over the role of director of marketing

OP: What is Empower?

JS: Empower is the industry’s first self-ligating bracket system that empowers the orthodontist with the versatility of both passive and interactive ligation clips—all in one unified system.

OP: What makes Empower unique?

JS: What makes Empower unique is similar to what makes every orthodontist unique. The variety of treatment mechanics employed by specialists speaks to the ingenuity and artistry of the orthodontic profession, which is limited oftentimes by the inherent weaknesses of the hardware used during treatment.

When we set out to build the Empower system of brackets, our goal was to put as much control into the hands of the orthodontist as possible, providing options that meet the needs of each specialist. But even more than this, we wanted to empower orthodontists with many new options that could spur their own creativity and innovation.

Brackets do not magically move teeth. From leveling to finishing, it is the specialist that dictates how the magic of creating a healthy smile is achieved, not the hardware. With Empower you are only limited by your creativity.

Select the Interactive Clip when you want low-friction sliding mechanics early in treatment using small wire dimensions; or enhanced control of torque and rotations during the finishing phase using larger rectangular wires. Select the Passive Clip when you want low-friction sliding mechanics at the posterior throughout treatment.

The combination of interactive clips at the anterior and passive clips at the posterior are referred to as Dual Activation. This feature, along with an easy opening clip and facial access hole, make Empower the optimal system that places control back in the hands of the orthodontist.

OP: Tell us about EverWhite

JS: EverWhite represents the next step forward in aesthetic archwires, offering enhanced durability over other archwires.

OP: How is EverWhite unique?

JS: What makes EverWhite unique is its microcoating technology that increases hardness by 30% over Teflon-coated wires, which adds to its durability as well as reduces its friction in the slot. The microcoating has one-third the surface roughness of Teflon.

OP: Considering the current economy, is American Orthodontics offering any discount or incentive plans to customers?

For more information on this and other orthodontic companies, visit our online Buyer’s Guide.

JS: Because American Orthodontics is the largest privately held orthodontic company in the industry, we have the power and the flexibility to offer a variety of incentive plans that meet the unique needs of each orthodontist. In our 42-year history, we have consistently exceeded every prior year’s sales and have never experienced layoffs.

The current economic environment has actually benefited us because we offer a great price/value and have the most extensive product line in the industry. Whether practices are ordering custom band assemblies, self-ligating brackets, or aesthetic wire, American Orthodontics delivers orders faster than any other company in the industry.