Focus on Retainers


Masel offers the Lombardi Bionator Bite (LBB™), a ready-to-wear appliance that minimizes the effects of bruxing, clenching, and grinding. The LBB, invented by Drew R. Lombardi, DMD, opens the bite in deep bite cases, protects occlusion, reduces breakage, and helps treatment of TMJ disorders and bruxism. The device is latex-free and features a flexible channel design that fits loosely over anterior sextants. A flexible hinge applies gentle pressure in opposite directions, and an anterior occlusal plane provides protection for upper and lower anterior teeth.

2701 Bartram Rd
Bristol, PA 19007
(800) 423-8227

Raintree Essix

Raintree Essix offers Essix ACE® Plastic for accurate thermoforming and retention for nonbruxers. With an average life of 18 to 24 months, Essix ACE may be used as an Essix retainer and for clear aligners that help with minor tooth movement. The plastic is latex free and accepts acrylics and bonding agents. It is available in three thicknesses (.030 inches, .035 inches, and .040 inches) and in four sizes (5-inch squares, 125-mm squares, 125-mm circles, and 120-mm circles).

Raintree Essix
4001 Division St
Metairie, LA 70002
(800) 883-8733


Ortho-byte offers the Kilobyte™, Megabyte™, and Gigabyte™ retainer boxes in three different sizes, all with an unbreakable one-piece design. All the boxes have hinged lids that eliminate misplaced covers and close securely with a latch that is built into the box. The boxes open with a thumb release. The corners are reinforced for additional strength and protection. They are available in packages of 10, 25, or 50 in pastel and fluorescent colors. The Kilobyte retainer boxes are made of durable polypropylene. The box is 2¾ inches x 2 3/16 inches wide x 1 inch high. Megabyte retainer boxes have a rugged design and may be used for storing mouthguards and retainers. They feature ventilation holes and permanent premolded identification labels. The boxes are 3 inches wide x 2? inches long x 1 inch high. Gigabyte retainer boxes may be used to store oversized appliances such as Hawley retainers and expansion screws. The boxes are 2¾ inches wide x 2 inches long x 1½ inches high.

PO Box 9627
Wilmington, DE 19809
(866) 641-2128

Specialty Appliances

Specialty Appliances offers the Specialty Wrap Retainer developed by Scott Huge, president and CEO of the company. The design of the Specialty Wrap Retainer provides retention. The Retainer has a clear labial bow constructed from vacuum-formed acrylic. There are no wires that cover the anterior teeth or cross the occlusion, eliminating occlusal interferences. The retainer also has a c-clasp soldered to an adjustment loop at the first molars for added retention. The appliance can be constructed on the upper and lower arch. With the Specialty Wrap design, all teeth are retained in their positions.

Specialty Appliances Inc
4905 Hammond Industrial Dr
Cumming, GA 30041
(800) 522-4636


Ribbond introduces postorthodontic retainers made from the same Spectra® fibers used to make bulletproof vests. Ribbond’s bondable fiber reinforcement prevents fracture failures in composite resins. The retainers are easy to make, strong, aesthetic, and comfortable. Ribbond’s fibers have no memory and do not rebound or unravel during placement. Simply adapt the Ribbond into a thin layer of composite on the teeth, cure, cover with a thin layer of composite, and cure again.

Ribbond Inc
1402 Third Ave, Suite 1030
Seattle, WA 98101
(800) 624-4554


Tru-Tain offers the DX Retainer & Splint Material, a blend of medical-grade, FDA-approved plastics that combine durability, impact, strength, and wear resistance. The material is easy to form and bonds with acrylic. It may be used for retainers, minor tooth movement, and bite ramps. It is stronger than the original Tru-Tain retainer and splint plastic. It is available in two thicknesses and a variety of sizes and quantities. Contact the company for free samples.

2625 Hwy 14 W
Rochester, MN 55901
(800) 843-0904


Evertain introduces RetainerFresh, a daily retainer cleanser developed by dentists. RetainerFresh is a crystallized powder that dissolves instantly in water and rinses clean. RetainerFresh is sodium lauryl sulfate-free and is available in 30 day to 1 year quantities. The company offers free samples.

261 W Causeway Approach
Mandeville, LA 70448
(888) 383-7824

Myofunctional Research

Myofunctional Research introduces the Pre-Orthodontic Trainer (T4K), which may be used to correct children’s bad habits—such as tongue thrusting, incorrect swallowing, and chronic mouth breathing—that cause incorrect craniofacial growth and malocclusion. Treatment using the T4K also causes less severe crowding, improved maxillary development, and early Class II correction. According to the company, parents see crowded teeth and a large overjet developing in their 7- or 8-year-old and expect you, the orthodontist, to be able to fix it all later with braces. It is true that most malocclusions are well treated with fixed appliances in the permanent dentition, but craniofacial growth and orthodontic treatment stability can be improved with early treatment of these myofunctional habits.

Myofunctional Research Co
PO Box 4066
St Augustine, FL 32085-4066
(800) 531-4599

Space Maintainers Lab

Space Maintainers Lab offers minor tooth movement appliances that correct lower anterior crowding; rotate teeth; move teeth labially, lingually, mesially, or distally; and correct overlapping of anteriors. By using numerous springs, one appliance can be used to close the space between the centrals, create room for blocked-out laterals, and guide the laterals into place. The key to accomplishing this is to adjust the springs sequentially.

Space Maintainers Laboratory
9129 Lurline Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91361
(800) 423-3270

Inman Orthodontic Laboratories

Inman Orthodontic Laboratories offers the Inman Clasp in two sizes: the Bicuspid and the Molar. The clasp is a variation of the Ball clasp, which is an Adams clasp with an adjustable bridge. According to the company, the clasp features better retention than an Adams Clasp, is easier to bend than an Adams clasp, and can be adjusted below the bridge without affecting the wires above the bridge, allowing the ball ends to be bent in any direction to gain retention. The bridge allows the patient to grasp and remove the appliance easily and allows a labial bow, springs, and hooks to be soldered to the clasping. The bridge also adds strength and eliminates deformation of the ball clasps. The Omega Loop in the bridge allows the preformed clasp to be custom-sized by closing the loop to make the clasp narrower or by opening the loop to make the clasp wider.

Inman Orthodontic Laboratories
9381 W Sample Rd
Coral Springs, FL 33065
(800) 289-0118

G&H Wire

G&H Wire introduces the Enforce fiber-reinforced composite (frc™). Enforce frc incorporates thousands of glass fiber strands bundled together with a light-cured composite that allows adaptation directly in the patient’s mouth. The integrated fiber bundle is malleable and tacky for close adaptation prior to curing. Its 0.032-inch (0.8-mm) passive diameter may be flattened during adaptation. Enforce frc may be used for upper and lower retention, diastema retention, active segmented treatment, and periodontal splinting. It complements TAD mechanics.

G&H Wire Co
PO Box 248
Greenwood, IN 46142
(800) 526-1026

DynaFlex Laboratory

DynaFlex Laboratory offers the QCM Clear Bow Retainer, a clear labial attachment guaranteed not to stain or discolor. The Clear Bow Retainer features an aesthetic plastic material that is contoured and adapted to the facial surfaces of the six anterior teeth, allowing complete contact for maximum retention and stability. The QCM retainer can be used in both the upper and lower arches.

PO Box 142399
St Louis, MO 63114
(800) 489-4020

Great Lakes Orthodontics

Great Lakes Orthodontics introduces the Invisible Inman, an economical alternative to using multiple aligners for anterior correction. The Invisible Inman appliance uses NiTi coil springs to achieve up to 3 mm of continuous and controlled lingual-to-labial movement. The piston-like forces of the lingual component move teeth. A labial acrylic shell controls incisor alignment as teeth are pushed outward. The NiTi coil spring mechanism retracts for easy insertion and seating of the appliance. According to the company, adjustments are virtually unnecessary. A thin, flexible acrylic covers the posterior dentition to enhance retention. The appliance has a clear labial component and a lingual wire framework. A thin profile makes the Invisible Inman more comfortable than most spring aligners.

Great Lakes Orthodontics Ltd
200 Cooper Ave, PO Box 5111
Tonawanda, NY 14151-5111
(800) 828-7626

Lancer Orthodontics

Lancer Orthodontics introduces the Signature appliance, which is used at the end of orthodontic treatment to ensure retention. Signature reduces treatment time by correcting imperfections of alignment, torque, rotation, and occlusion. Signature’s High Temperature Vulcanized Silicone (HTVS) is resistant to saliva impregnation and may be sterilized in boiling water. Signature is nonallergenic, biocompatible, and provides increased elasticity for easy placement. Its elasticity provides range of movement and less force per millimeter of deflection.

Lancer Orthodontics
253 Pawnee St
San Marcos, CA 92078
(800) 854-2896

Accutech Orthodontic Lab

Accutech Orthodontic Lab offers the One Look Schedule Card, which allows your staff to schedule retainers so there are no problems with return dates. Accutech’s on-time delivery guarantee, “On Time-Every Time or They’re Free,” applies while using the intraoffice appliance tool. The schedule card features laboratory contact information, Accutech’s holiday closing schedule, a turnaround-time chart, and a full-year calendar with weekends and holidays excluded for fast and easy scheduling. Copies are free when you send your retainers to Accutech.

Accutech Orthodontic Lab Inc
4012 Raintree Rd, Suite 120B
Chesapeake, VA 23321
(800) 734-7855

Dockstader Orthodontic Lab

Dockstader Orthodontic Lab offers Dockstader dental retainers (DDR) with the same turnaround time as any of its other products. The DDR100 is a Hawley wire, which is available with two ball clasps or two C clasps. The DDR200 is a Hawley wire with two Adams clasps. The DDR300 is a soldered Hawley. The DDR400 is a wrap-around. Color, glitter, and patterned designs are also available for an extra charge.

Dockstader Orthodontic Lab
340 W Cromwell Ave
Fresno, CA 93711-6113
(800) 433-7168

Johns Dental Laboratories

Johns Dental Laboratories offers a brochure featuring appliances that help correct bad habits, such as thumb-sucking and tongue thrusting, that can delay your treatment time and reduce revenue.

Johns Dental Laboratories
423 S 13th St
Terre Haute, IN 47807
(800) 457-0504