On the Market
Welding Unit

Dentaurum Inc introduces OrthoPhaser©, which offers a medium-range unit between proven spot-welding units and premium laser-welding units. OrthoPhaser’s micro-impulse technology allows biocompatible welding of virtually all metals without impairing the material’s properties. OrthoPhaser features fixed or variable welding parameters to facilitate a customized, simple welding technique. Set parameters customized for the laboratory can be put into a database if required. OrthoPhaser is lightweight and very compact.

For more information, contact Dentaurum Inc, 10 Pheasant Run, Newtown, PA 18940; (800) 523-3946; www.dentaurum.com.

Tack Welder

Great Lakes Orthodontics offers a tack welder designed to aid in the temporary positioning of components prior to soldering or welding. The redesigned tack welder is compact, versatile, and easy to operate. It features six power settings for welding a wide range of materials, a foot pedal for hands-free operation, and remote cables that plug into the front of the unit for easier access and more convenient welding. The welder’s new vertical profile requires less bench space.

For more information, contact Great Lakes Orthodontics, 200 Cooper Ave, PO Box 5111, Tonawanda, NY 14151-5111; (800) 828-7626; www.greatlakesortho.com.

Bonding Agent

J. Morita introduces One-Up Bond F Plus, which bonds enamel and dentin in a new, easy-to-use delivery system. The patented MAC-10 adhesive monomer gives this agent its strength, while a low film thickness of only 10 microns eliminates postoperative sensitivity. One-Up Bond F Plus requires a quick, single-step application, with no etching, rinsing, or drying. During mixing and polymerization, confirmation of each step is indicated visually by a color change, dramatically decreasing mixing errors and guesswork.

For more information, contact J. Morita USA, 9 Mason, Irvine, CA 92618; (800) 831-3222; www.jmoritausa.com.

Intraoral Camera

Sirona Dental Systems offers Sirocam 3, a flexible and powerful intraoral camera that enables effective patient communication and diagnostics support. Sirocam 3 offers dentists a three-position variable focal range, which can be used for close-ups, intraoral viewing (overview and anterior teeth), and extraoral viewing (smile line and full face). The sophisticated lens system minimizes distortion and is controlled directly on the handpiece. Whether integrated with a delivery unit or attached directly to a flat-screen monitor, Sirocam 3 quickly shows the orthodontist and the patient exactly what is occurring inside the oral cavity. Four-image memory capabilities are integrated directly into the camera, and image capture is controlled via the doctor’s foot switch.

For more information, contact Sirona Dental Systems, 4835 Sirona Dr, Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28273; (800) 659-5977; www.sirona.com.

Oral Health Kit

Imtec offers the Access oral health kit, which is designed to help the patient adjust to dental implants. The kit includes an 8-ounce bottle of nonstaining, mint-flavored oral rinse; a 2-ounce bottle of clear, antibacterial sanitizing gel that also provides mild pain relief; and a hard-density Access toothbrush with curved memory bristles that cleans all sides of dental appliances while stimulating and cleaning the surrounding tissue. The toothbrush is available in hard and medium bristle densities and may be purchased separately.

For more information, contact Imtec, 2401 N Commerce, Ardmore, OK 73401; (800) 879-9799; www.imtec.com.

V-Looped Archwires

Ortho Organizers introduces .016 inch round V-Loop archwires, which can be used for bite opening, space closure, and retraction. The V-Loop is the first anatomically correct archform to protect canines, and it is designed to bell out around the cuspids to keep them from being pushed back into poor lingual occlusion. It is made of high-tensile stainless steel, has excellent springback, and provides light continuous force. V-Loop functions well with Tip Edge Mechanics and is available in 2-mm increments from 30 mm to 40 mm.

For more information, contact Ortho Organizers, 1619 S Rancho Santa Fe Rd, San Marcos, CA 92069-5198; (800) 547-2000; www.orthoorganizers.com.