Dentaurum_Ortho-Cast_M-SeriesDentaurum, Ispringen, Germany, has expanded its Ortho-Cast buccal tube product line with the Ortho-Cast M-Series buccal tubes, double rectangular, non-convertible. The tubes are available in MBT 18/22 and Roth 18/22 for bonding and banding.

The Ortho-Cast M-Series buccal tubes are manufactured as one-piece tubes using metal injection molding (MIM). They feature slim, pliable ball-end hooks. The base is molded in the same processing step as the body, according to the company.

Designed using the same modern CAD technology as all Ortho-Cast tubes, the base is contoured in three dimensions—mesio-distal and occlusal-gingival curvature—allowing for a better fit. With a pronounced funneled mesial opening, archwire insertion is easier. The tubes are wedge-shaped, decreasing in profile on the distal side for better patient comfort. In addition, when using specially designed positioning tweezers, positioning grooves on the tube body allow the buccal tube to be gripped more easily and safely. The anatomic contouring of the base fits into the buccal groove of the molar and makes positioning the tube easier.