The Bien-Air Nova is a lightweight electric handpiece designed for better ergonomics and improved reliability.

Bein-Air Dental has launched the Nova, a contra-angle electric handpiece designed for optimal ergonomics and reliability.

Nova features a small head and slim handle to improve a dentist’s field of vision and improve access in the mouth. The head features the Accu-Spray Quattro Mix system focusing asymmetrical air/water sprays on the end of the bur to improve irrigation in the working area.

Connected to one of Bien-Air’s LED motors, a multi-strand optical glass conductor simulates daylight conditions with reduced reflection for visibility in the working area.

The Nova’s stainless-steel construction makes it the lightest handpiece in Bien-Air’s portfolio. Its lightweight design improves ergonomics and reduces wrist fatigue. The optimized gears and monobloc handle reduce vibrations and the sound level for improved user comfort.

The use of stainless steel reduces wear on the handpiece and makes it 4-times more resistant to shocks, according to Bien-Air.

 The chuck system features a new PVD coating that makes the opening/closing system more reliable and extends the service life compared to a conventional handpiece and reduces the risk of jamming.

The Cylcro gears are designed to reduce friction and protect against wear.

Risks of cross-contamination are reduced thanks to the non-return valve and the sealed head protection. The non-return valve reduces the flow of fluids from the oral cavity back into the dental unit’s hoses. 

The protective sealed head mechanism reduces the aspiration of fluids into the instrument head. Additionally, the Cool Touch+ heat-arresting technology integrated in the ceramic push-button prevents heat build-up, reducing the risk of burns to patients.

“Without compromising performance, our goal was to push the limits, to deliver the size and weight reduction demanded by the long hours kept by dental professionals,” said Marco Gallina, vice president of innovation and marketing for Bien-Air. “This is why we pushed ourselves to provide the smallest front bearing with four-port water spray that will not overheat the working surface of the patient.”

Photo courtesy of Bien-Air