A-dec_500StoolA-dec, Newberg, Ore, offers two new products, the A-dec 500 stools and a new lever-style foot control—all designed to provide better ergonomic support to dental professionals.

The A-dec 500 stools are designed to provide pressure relief support via an assembly that enables good blood flow to the legs, while setting up the lower lumbar for proper torso posture. Both the doctor’s and assistant’s stools feature a seat designed on a suspension frame, which allows it to flex and conform more easily to body movement. The middle layer of the seat structure features four individual performance zones for better comfort and support. The stools also feature easy-to-access, microadjustable paddles.

The company currently has nine patents pending on the A-dec 500 stool design.

Meanwhile, A-dec’s new lever foot control features an improved electric motor control, engineered with electric handpieces in mind.

“Current disc foot controls were designed years before electric handpieces,” says Sam Zemke, senior product manager. “Unlike traditional disc foot controls, the new A-dec lever foot control allows precise speed modulation of both electric and pneumatic handpieces.”

The lever style allows the operator to switch between cutting wet or dry, without looking away from the oral cavity. Ergonomically, the lever design allows more operator weight transfer from seat to feet, enabling an “athletic stance” and “S” curvature of the spine. Once the desired handpiece speed is reached, the operator can rest the foot flat on the floor and continue to work in a more relaxed state.

“There is no stress on the leg or foot to maintain a constant speed or even vary the speed a little,” says Zemke. “Think of it as cruise control. Once you have determined the desired speed, you can relax your foot. You still have complete functionality, but can drive in a more comfortable state. The lever foot control offers this same type of benefit.”