Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Co, Chicago, manufacturer of dental instruments, introduces its Micro Mini Five Gracey Curette with EverEdge Technology.

According to the company the Micro Mini Five Gracey Curette features ultra-slender blades and enhanced shank rigidity, allowing clinicians to precisely debride root and tooth surfaces free of all deposits, even in the most challenging periodontal pockets.

 The curette features:

• Blades that are 20% thinner than Mini Five Gracey curettes to further reduce tissue distention and ease subgingival insertion;

• an elongated terminal shank for deep access into pockets;

• slightly increased shank rigidity;

• revolutionary EverEdge Technology; and

• area-specific designs that offer exact control and adaptation.

For more information, visit www.FriendsofHu-Friedy.com.

[Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Co, June 2008]