Hu-Friedy launched its new line of HD Black Line Mirrors. 

The mirrors feature diamond like carbon (DLC) coating on the handle and mirror frame, which, according to the company, helps reduce glare by up to 80% for increased visibility. Meanwhile, the black color of the finish provides enhanced contrast and visual acuity within the oral cavity. 

The glass selected for the HD Black Line Mirrors reportedly offers a number of advantages, including a 113% reflection factor for high image clarity. In addition, the HD Black Line Mirrors are reportedly 50% brighter than other front surface mirror glass and 38.5% brighter than rhodium coated mirror glass. 

Meanwhile, the durable black matte finish helps reduced strain and fatigue by reducing the need for clinicians to adapt their viewing position due to unwanted shine produced by a traditional metal mirror. The mirror also features a larger diameter handle and an ergonomic design.