The AAO is hosting a town hall for members to discuss updates to the CDT code for 2022, including some controversial changes.

In order to assist members with coding issues that have arisen from changes to CDT code, the American Association of Orthodontists will be hosting a 2022 CDT Changes Town Hall on April 1, 2022, at 12 PM CT.

AO members who register for the town hall can submit CDT Coding questions that will be answered by chair of the AAO Council on Health Care Randall Markarian, DMD, MS, AAO Trustee Steve Robirds, DDS, and AAO Associate General Counsel Andrew Wiltsch.

First announced by the AAO in July of 2021, changes to the ADA’s CDT 2022 went into effect on January 1. With it came changes to the orthodontics section of the Code (D8000-D8999) and other changes relevant to the practice of orthodontics.

Recent CDT changes have had unintended adverse effects, causing some dental insurance companies and state Medicaid offices to fail to properly adjust their adjudication processes and claims payments.

The AAO has provided resources to members to demonstrate how the codes are intended to function, answer frequently asked questions, explain how to negotiate network provider agreements, and train employees on coding strategies.

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