JADA Foundational Science is a cross-disciplinary, open-access journal that will bring research in basic and applied sciences to readers who are experts in clinical dentistry. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) has launched a new research journal, JADA Foundational Science. This new cross-disciplinary, open-access journal reportedly will allow researchers in basic and applied sciences to make their work visible to experts in clinical dentistry and medicine.

According to the association, the entirely online journal is now taking submissions for original research articles and reviews in the areas of biology, chemistry, engineering, materials science, computer science and informatics, advanced imaging and processing, and other technologies. JADA Foundational Science will “aggressively seek out new scientific work to bring to a wide and diverse audience and use a rigorous peer review process,” the ADA said in a press release. 

JADA Foundational Science differs from JADA in that it will be entirely online and open access. As an open-access journal, JADA Foundational Science seeks to break down the barriers to access for scientists of all disciplines who have work relevant to the oral health sciences and aims to create a forum for collaboration and interaction among investigators and clinicians in all disciplines.

“The goal will be to recruit timely and innovative work of high scientific rigor that is applicable to many of the health sciences and presented in a way that is engaging and instructive to both research scientists and clinicians,” says Jack L. Ferracane, PhD, editor of JADA Foundational Science. Ferracane is the department chair for restorative dentistry and director of biomaterials and biomechanics at Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry in Portland, Ore.