The ADA is asking subject matter experts to volunteer for the Dental Wellness Advisory Committee.

The ADA Council on Dental Practice is seeking interested parties to apply to be a volunteer on the Dental Wellness Advisory Committee by April 13.

The committee provides expertise to the council’s Subcommittee on Health, Wellness and Aging on the health and wellness of the dental team, professional impairment issues, and support of state dentist well-being programs.

The committee is charged with the following assignments:

  • Advising the council on dentist well-being, chemical dependency support issues and prescription drug abuse concerns.
  • Supporting the council’s interagency activities related to health and wellness, well-being, mental health, burnout, disability, and ergonomics.
  • Identifying and promoting health and wellness, well-being and ergonomics in the dental workplace.

Candidates who are subject matter authorities in general health and wellness, burnout, stress, anxiety, mental health issues, substance use and misuse, alcohol use and misuse, disability, ergonomics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and suicide prevention are encouraged to submit their names for consideration.

After a 3-year term, members have the option to be re-elected for an additional three years before requiring at least one year off between terms.

Interested applicants should email their curriculum vitae and a statement of interest to [email protected].

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