Dandy, a new dental platform that provides aligner treatment through a combination of in-person treatment and advanced virtual care, launched in Philadelphia. The service is designed to address the lack of medical supervision provided by existing direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies in the clear aligner market. 

“Healthcare is a partnership between the clinician and the patient. Remote orthodontic care sacrifices the quality of patient care by removing the involvement of a dentist,” said Bruce Freeman, DDS. “It is not possible to achieve an aesthetic smile and functional bite without being under the care of an orthodontist or dentist. Dandy has clearly taken this into account.”

Philadelphians can visit meetdandy.com to book a Snapshot appointment with a local dentist, where they will get a 3D scan, x-rays, and a full dental check-up, and then receive their custom aligners at their door within days. 

Dandy partnered with dentists in Philadelphia to ensure that they can address any underlying issues that may mitigate the success of a straightening treatment. Most patients will see their Dandy dentist two to three times during the process to modify their aligners with attachments or to undergo necessary in-person procedures to achieve optimal patient outcomes. Users stay on track with their treatment by periodically sharing their progress directly from the Dandy app. 

Pricing for Dandy’s teeth alignment system starts as low as $88/month or a one-time fee of $1,900—initial checkup, aligners and retainer included. 

Dandy plans to expand nationwide in the coming months to cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Miami. The company plans national US rollout in 2020.