At a March 4 virtual event, the company will share details about its new collaboration with Google Cloud and debut Primeprint, a highly automated printing solution that includes post processing. 

Dentsply Sirona is set to unveil its new collaboration with Google Cloud and debut its new 3D printing solution, Primeprint, at a virtual event on March 4. The innovations are aimed at enhancing digital workflows for dental professionals and dental labs. 

 “Dentsply Sirona has always been a pioneer in digital dentistry. Whether it was virtually inventing dental imaging, creating intraoral scanning or creating single visit dentistry, Dentsply Sirona has led the way. Starting with the announcements today, Dentsply Sirona will again look to transform dentistry with new devices and AI-supported solutions and services. Today, we embark into a new digital universe created by Dentsply Sirona and powered by Google Cloud. We are announcing the first steps in this transformation and the launch of Dentsply Sirona Primeprint,” CEO Don Casey explained. “Together with Google Cloud, we will make it easier for dentists to evolve their digital practice or make the first move into digital dentistry. Additionally, with Primeprint, we are building upon our integrated end-to-end workflow offerings for dental practices and labs.” 

The collaboration with Google Cloud is aimed at helping dental professionals unlock the full benefits of digital dentistry—whether they are continuing or just starting their digital journey. According to the company, the collaboration with Google Cloud will create digital workflows that are secure and allow for seamless sharing of data with labs and other dental practitioners. In addition, it will allow users easy access to data when it is needed and create an innovative environment for software, data integrity, and storage. 

Christian Martin, managing director Alps Region at Google Cloud, said about this collaboration, “Dentsply Sirona is transforming the dental industry. At Google Cloud we believe that we have the right expertise, capabilities and services to strongly support Dentsply Sirona in its vision for the future of oral healthcare.” 

Separate from the collaboration with Google Cloud, Dentsply Sirona will also launch Primeprint, a medical-grade 3D printing system for dental practices and dental labs. 

According to the Dentsply Sirona, Primeprint is a smart hardware and software solution that is optimized for dental applications and features one of the highest levels of automation. It runs the entire printing process, including post processing. Primeprint reportedly delivers reproducible and accurate results1 with strictly biocompatible materials. The printing process meets high regulatory requirements for medical products. 

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