DEXIS, Hatfield, Pa, has donated its Platinum™ intraoral digital sensors and image management software to Share A Smile, a nonprofit organization that provides dental services for the homeless to help them become employable again. The clinic operates in Provo, Utah.

The donation included hardware, software, and peripheral equipment from DEXIS, as well as Henry Schein® Practice Solutions—makers of Dentrix® Practice Management Software—and Reality Engineering—creators of Guru patient education software.

“A few years ago, we were providing care to children on the Indian reservation,” shares Dr Eric Vogel, president and founder of Share A Smile. “I still have a vivid memory of one young boy who was given some glasses who then proceeded to run around the gym, gleefully yelling ‘I can see! I can see!’ In many ways, my new DEXIS sensors make me feel like that little boy. We have spent years trying to provide care with no images or images that were so blurry that it was mostly guesswork. Now I have beautiful new sensors and finally, I can see.”

Share a Smile provides much-needed dental services for the homeless and needy in Utah County, as well as dental services internationally in China, Morocco, Boliva, Mexico, and Belarus.