EasyRx has added 3D automated basing to its 3D automated services suite, designed to save practices and labs time in the editing process.

EasyRx, a provider of universal lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D software for dentists and orthodontists, has added EasyRx 3D Automated Basing to its EasyRx 3D Automated Services suite.

The Automated Basing Software automatically adds a base to STL scans based on user preferences. Users can choose which files will be run through the automated services and set default options for basing.

“Automated basing is a game-changer in the workflow for preparing print-ready 3D files,” said Todd Blankenbecler, president and chief executive officer of EasyRx. “The time spent manually basing models can now be directed to other tasks, saving time and greatly increasing productivity.”

EasyRx 3D Automated Basic was welcomed in beta testing and is a new feature in the suite of EasyRx 3D Automated Services, including Automated Bracket Removal.

The automation is designed to save practices and labs time in the 3D editing process. All automated services are accessible through EasyRx’s recently released 3D Command Center, where users have a single location for all 3D tasks.

EasyRx allows orthodontists and dentists to design, create, manage, and submit their patient’s appliance prescriptions online to any orthodontic or dental laboratory or in-house lab.

Its full suite of design tools allows doctors to manage and create their appliance prescriptions in a single digital location, improving efficiency and moving toward a paperless environment.

For the orthodontic or dental lab, it provides a set of tools to manage the lab, from tracking cases, invoicing, and production metrics, to providing and storing all the lab’s prescriptions digitally.

Image courtesy of EasyRx