The command center gives orthodontists and labs a centralized screen to manage their EasyRx 3D tasks.

EasyRx announced the release of its 3D Command Center to provide a central location for all EasyRx 3D tasks and streamline the 3D process for practices and labs. 

The 3D Command Center allows orthodontists to review all stereoligthography (STL) files, access EasyRx 3D and printer integrations, request automated services like bracket removal and auto basing, download files, and mark files as printed. 

Following beta testing, the addition of the 3D Command Center to EasyRx 3D will enable users to move through the 3D editing process with ease, saving time at practices and labs, according to the company. 

“The 3D Command Center further enhances the EasyRx lab prescription process, adding a centralized screen to manage 3D printing, which is critical to in-house and commercial lab workflows,” said Todd Blankenbecler, president and CEO of EasyRx.