American Orthodontics added the PlaqueHD Plaque Identifying Toothpaste and Remineralizing Mouthrinse to its product offering.

American Orthodontics has added two new PlaqueHD products developed by TJA Health to its global product offering.

The first, PlaqueHD Plaque Identifying Toothpaste, highlights nearly invisible plaque on teeth in a vibrant green color, which allows the harmful bacteria that hides around braces to be easily identified for more efficient brushing and removal.

The second product is PlaqueHD Remineralizing Mouthrinse, which contains a formula proven to encourage the restoration of tooth enamel.

This formula, which contains fluoride and other remineralizing agents, is proven to help prevent cavities while removing harmful bacteria from the mouth.

“One of the challenges with braces is they give plaque a place to hide. PlaqueHD provides a visual aid to help identify high plaque areas that require additional care,” said Lindsey Cadoo, AO product manager. “It removes far more plaque than regular toothpaste, which greatly reduces the chance of enamel scarring upon debonding of brackets.”

PlaqueHD Toothpaste uses Targetol Technology, a plant-based, gluten-free coloring agent developed by dentists and chemists to highlight the plaque on teeth for better visibility, allowing patients to see the plaque and brush it away.

It takes the guesswork out of brushing for patients or parents responsible for checking their children’s brushing habits, as the green color makes it clear what areas have been missed.

PlaqueHD is an FDA-registered fluoride toothpaste containing xylitol, which aids in reducing harmful bacteria in the mouth and on the tongue. PlaqueHD Toothpaste comes in two flavors, Fresh Mint and Berry Bubblegum.

PlaqueHD Remineralizing Mouthrinse is for use after brushing teeth. It has a pleasant taste that hydrates the mouth while strengthening tooth enamel by leveraging fluoride, an anti-cavity active ingredient.

It provides a healthy alkaline pH level in the mouth with a mineral-rich mouthwash which leaves breath fresh longer by removing bacteria.

Photo via American Orthodontics