The recommendations offer state-level examples of regulations that address consumer rights as well as mandatory office visits and radiographs. 

The American Association of Dental Boards has release its recommendations for state-level teledentistry regulations. SmileDirectClub welcomed the association’s efforts. 

The recommendations offer state-level examples of regulations—many of which align with SmileDirectClub’s business practices. The language includes provisions that establish consumers’ right to know the necessary information about their treating doctor, their right to access clear aligner therapy via remote platforms, and their right to access care without prohibitive office visits and mandatory radiographs. 

In response, SmileDirectClub Chief Executive Officer David Katzman made the following statement: 

SmileDirectClub is grateful to the American Association of Dental Boards (“AADB”) for proposing language for Teledentistry that prioritizes the patient and access to care. Today’s consumer struggles to access orthodontic care due to cost, limited time and limited access to a doctor’s office, and telemedicine has been proven to be a safe and efficacious means for delivering teeth straightening solutions. The AADB’s mission is to assist State Dental Boards in protecting the public. Similarly, SmileDirectClub’s mission is to help consumers receive safe, affordable and convenient oral care. We have worked with the AADB and dozens of State Dental Boards across the country for years to discuss doctor-directed Teledentistry and how it benefits both the patient and the provider. Today, we applaud the AADB’s progressive steps to present sample legislation that will help State Dental Boards regulate oral healthcare and increase patient access to a better quality of life.

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) aligner companies like SmileDirectClub have faced opposition in several states as state legislatures have moved to clamp down on their ability to offer orthodontic care without office visits or x-rays. In January, a California law went into effect requiring all teledentistry patients to get x-rays before starting DTC aligner treatment. Virginia is considering similar legislation.