OrthoSynetics, Metaire, La, now offers the Elevate program, an advanced data solution for independent practices. The program provides these smaller practices access to big data, including demographics and behavioral trends within a local patient base, on which they can base their expansion plans and marketing strategies.

According to the company, Elevate is the result of proprietary consumer research surveys and specialized analysis provided by an expert research firm. Elevate’s data includes information on current orthodontic customers, potential customers, and consumer preferences regarding orthodontic treatment.

OrthoSynetics uses this data to help orthodontic practice owners identify underserved markets in their areas, decide where to locate new offices, hone marketing messages, and determine which marketing channels yield the highest ROI. Elevate also includes monthly financial and practice trend analysis.

This data is intended to lay the foundation for a practice’s strategic plan and growth strategy. According to the company, Elevate establishes both quantitative goals, such as revenue and production levels, and strategic approaches, such as best allocation of resources, personnel, and potential growth opportunities. An in-depth annual road map lays out goals and strategies for the year, and quarterly reviews provide analysis and opportunities for adjustments.

The Elevate program includes five key services: marketing, consulting, patient collections and insurance, procurement, and financial analysis.